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    Chances? Low CGPA but strong MA

    thanks folks! these answers were making me a bit nervous so I just called the admissions office and was told that a graduate transcript is definitely seen as part of an upward trend. Probably should have called straightaway instead of posting on here- but figured I would share the answer just in case anyone else stumbles across it who is wondering about how an MA factors in.
  2. Hi there. As the post states, my OLSAS GPA stands at about 3.26, but my L2 were a 3.7 where I was significantly above the class average in every course (except a math requirement) at UofT St.George. Still graduated "with distinction". LSAT 156 on first try (December 2017), writing again in Feb. MA- 4.0 in course work, finished 2nd in the programme on thesis grade. Strong LORs including from MA supervisor/department head. A few academic awards, TAship and average ECs, including federal/provincial election volunteer work. Geared my personal statement towards my interest in public policy. Considering Ottawa takes a 'holistic' approach- where do you think I stand in terms of likelihood of acceptance for 2018? I'm wondering if the MA grades will still count as part of an 'upward trend', or if i should have done a 5th year to raise my grades instead. Thanks.