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  1. Hey everyone, Was wondering where people who got Bay Street summer jobs, but who live out of town, stay for the summer? I heard a lot of people talk about UofT res, but if anyone could give me specifics regarding which one(s), that would be great! I would prefer somewhere within walking distance of the Bay and King area, so any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  2. Take the time off. Real world experience can go a long way in helping you stand out when firms are considering which candidate they want to interview or hire.
  3. Does anyone know how firms pay bonuses to associates? Most NALP profiles say that associates are eligible for an annual bonus, so any insight as to how much this is and how it is determined would be appreciated.
  4. I think that most likely what happened is that when you transferred you were competing with all the students who did their 1L in the law school you transferred to and employers probably trusted those grades more than the grades from the school that you transferred from. Simple as that. Very unfortunate though, but don't let it get you too down. Still plenty of other firms out there.
  5. For anyone curious, the University of Ottawa leans far left. This goes for both professors and the vast majority of students, but especially profs.
  6. Assuming that you are 100% going to law school after your undergraduate degree, I offer the following advice: You only get that 4 years to do an undergrad once so you should pick you major carefully. I would agree that doing an undergrad in law will certainly help you in law school, as you will already be familiar with some terms and general principles in the field prior to entering law school. This may be a slight edge over your colleges who are coming from a non-legal field and are completely unfamiliar with these concepts. However, this advantage will be small, as the difference in depth of legal content that you will be exposed to in law school will not be comparable to your undergraduate degree. The alternative would be to do a degree in an unrelated field which won't necessarily help you immediately in law school, but may pay dividends later on. For example having a science or engineering background will undoubtedly make you more attractive to IP law firms or having a finance background may give you an advantage in certain aspects of corporate law. However, having a law undergraduate background will not give you any sort of advantage in terms of employment opportunities because everyone has a law degree (unless your grades are better as a result of doing law as for your undergrad) and therefore having an undergrad in law doesn't mean much. Therefore it's really a cost-benefit analysis between whether you want the short-term head start on your law school peers by already being familiar with law (which may lead to you getting slightly better grades and therefore better job prospects) or if you want to diversify your skill set by having knowledge that may come in handy later on that may make you especially valuable to employers (or may have no effect, depending on what practice you want to go into).
  7. I can't speak for McGill, but I can say that here at Ottawa criminal law is pretty big deal. A lot of graduates get jobs at the justice department and other government branches so if you were thinking of going into crim for public service then doing your degree in Ottawa would probably be a pretty significant advantage. However if you want to go into private practice, then I don't know which school would be better.
  8. Just out of curiosity, what was your 1L gpa if you don't mind me asking? I'm also currently in uOttawa and thinking of going back to Toronto to save on costs. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi there, I am an incoming 1L looking to get some more info about U-Pass and how I can get it. Was it worth it to opt-in and how much was it? Also can anyone tell me about how the gym at UOttawa is? Thanks in advance!
  10. Does anyone have experience taking Law of Good Government? Worried of I made the right choice!
  11. I had a bunch of ECs such as a few student groups ,sports and volunteering. I also highlighted my work experience which consisted of working in sales at a huge company and having good performance both as an intern and when they hired me full time upon my graduation. Both my LORs were strong as one was from a law professor that I took a course with and the other was from a colleague at work who mentored me.
  12. In today. 3.52 cGPA with my last 2 being around 3.9. lsat 3 timer with 150, 152, 157.
  13. Well actually I first read the acceptance email and got excited and then I read that about the breach and thought that they only accepted me because they felt bad so I became disappointed haha.
  14. I got the email as well. I was panicking because I thought I was the only one, so that's a relief! 15 minutes later they sent me the confirmation that I got admitted, so don't be worried about it being a "rejected pile" or anything.
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