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  1. shklawjunkie

    It's that time... But where do I start?!

    thank you for this sense of better feeling! Ya working full time is a whole other ball game, makes everything much harder with timing
  2. shklawjunkie

    It's that time... But where do I start?!

    That is very few, quality would matter more because its important to gain that understanding rather than just winging practice - thank you for you input and advice for the hw
  3. shklawjunkie

    It's that time... But where do I start?!

    Holy, 50 pages per class or per day? That's why I am so afraid of falling back and missing out from the class. I hope all your efforts pay off and you get the acceptance you want
  4. shklawjunkie

    It's that time... But where do I start?!

    Ya homework tot makes sense but I heard its literally 50 pages per week which is reasonable but I work FT and I am afraid of the possible fallback. I am dedicated to put the work and commit to 50 pages weekly, it's just possibility of falling behind and getting myself screwed because of the fall back. But it is nice to know Yoni will not give up because I am so far from a quick learner with the LSAT, it is hard and I tot get why it is weighted so much heavier than CGPA, it will determine your credibility as a lawyer. LOL I will deff be that person asking gizillion questions and people will think Im dumb
  5. shklawjunkie

    It's that time... But where do I start?!

    I have heard mixed things about HR as I meet someone who said if you fall behind of homework then you're screwed and if you don't get the material the first time then Yoni isn't as responsive
  6. shklawjunkie

    It's that time... But where do I start?!

    Ya working full time makes it really hard, I tot understand esp if you are in a position where you can't risk taking a break from working for a couple of months to just study. I would suggest go on amazon and purchase one of the LSAC practice book for $35, it comes with 10 real tests, get a feel for it by taking one test every 2 weeks, and studying onward. Since we work full-time, it is all about self-discipline. The LSAC website offers a free test from 2007 - just google free lsat test lsac and it will pop up!
  7. shklawjunkie

    It's that time... But where do I start?!

    I am on your boat but I would say just take a diagnostic to see where you can be - keep in mind even if your diagnostic score is crap like mine (138) it doesn't mean you will never improve. Don;t get demotivated with a shit score at first, ya just need the feel for the test. I would say stick to the Bibles and get the LSAT Trainer too try to self study as much as possible and if you find that difficult then take prep course like HR again. For me staying on track and motivated is hard since I work FT, the LSAT is brutal. Be prepared to devote your time to this entirely which can be hard. If you are a student and not working, the LSAT is much easier to master with on going practice.
  8. shklawjunkie

    My journey from 146 to 161

    Hard work always pays off! I am glad to see that cliche saying applies to you very well. I am in need of a tutor, will be taking classes soon in York and then Harvard Ready and I hoping that will help me get a better understanding of the LSAT basics. Best of luck with applications and may you get in the law school you desire:)
  9. shklawjunkie

    Depressed for the Holidays.

    There is something stored better for you, right now you feel like you have made the worst decisions but sometimes you have to go through lots of battles before realizing a blessing in disguise. Give it sometime, you are not worthless, if law is in your destiny then you are bound to get it no matter what door closes on you. Try to have your head high, there is no need to make such strong decisions on a temporary setback. You will rise from this, don't let the negativity of this chapter determine your fate. Take care!!
  10. shklawjunkie

    Chances? Rough cGPA

    So you're saying in downtime read a lot to help improve with active reading skills? Thanks for the tip! YA dont worry you will deff be fine, your LSAT is solid! I wish did that after graduation
  11. shklawjunkie

    Chances? Rough cGPA

    Your L2 is solid, my colleague got into Queens with a 2.67CGPA and 3.68 L2 and 166, your LSAT is too great so you won't be ignored. Can you share what you did to get a score like that?
  12. shklawjunkie

    Accepted 2019

    Congrats!! Giving us hope, go ace law school!
  13. shklawjunkie

    2019 Chances with low 148 LSAT

    I second this, please share the tips!!
  14. shklawjunkie

    Freaking out beacause of OLSAS GPA conversion

    Really? I was always told the opposite. Isn't true once you graduated, your CGPA is fixed and cannot be upgraded once your degree is conferred? I am assuming you mean I can take other courses outside of undergrad?
  15. shklawjunkie

    Chances? (2.69 cGPA / 3.62 L2 / 166)

    You have a solid L2 and good LSAT score - focus on L2 schools and I am sure you'll get an offer from at least 1 ON school - all the best