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  1. acceptme2k18

    Waitlist Dual JD 2018

    The actual start date is August 20, 2018. But, all Dual Students need to go to Windsor on August 15 or 16 (depending on first letter of your last name) to pick up their student visa's at the border.
  2. acceptme2k18

    Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Did u get your rank by email or uozone?
  3. acceptme2k18

    Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    Is it possible to transfer fro the Duel program to the single program after L1? Have you seen people in your classes do this? Is it incredibly hard?
  4. acceptme2k18

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Is there a Facebook group made yet for the duel program?
  5. acceptme2k18

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Thanks! & I got referred some time in the second week of March
  6. acceptme2k18

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    I got an email and then checked myuwindsor and it said "admitted final"!
  7. acceptme2k18

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Accepted!! LSAT: 153 OLSAS gpa: 3.72 B2: 3.9
  8. acceptme2k18

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Not necessarily - I know someone that got into the dual and got rejected from the single.
  9. acceptme2k18

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Were you waitlisted?
  10. acceptme2k18

    Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    I have virtually identical stats as you. Would you say you had above average EC's and LOR?
  11. acceptme2k18

    Windsor Law Networking Event

    Does anyone know if this event is for people accepted only? Or all prospective students?
  12. acceptme2k18

    In Queue 2018

    In queue on Jan 24 OLSAS gpa 3.72, B2 3.9 LSAT 153
  13. acceptme2k18

    Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Would you mind tell us your stats?
  14. acceptme2k18

    Referred to Admissions Committee

    Got referred this morning! OLSAS GPA: 3.72 B2: 3.9 LSAT: 153
  15. acceptme2k18

    Lakehead Waitlist 2018

    I received an email.