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  1. 18, and also quite amazed at how low I am. Congratulations to everyone that has been admitted!
  2. I feel like I can comment on this. Although it's not computer science, I did math before applying to law school - mainly b/c I thought that was what I wanted to do. The biggest regret I have isn't my program (which I enjoyed for the most part), it's rushing through it. I finished it in three years, and I only took core courses, which were usually pretty difficult for me. I ended up with a low cGPA of 73% and I believe this really hurt my law school application. If I could do it again knowing I would apply to law school, I would take my time, take a LOT more electives/bird courses, and I wouldn't shy away from doing an extra year to boost my GPA. So, if you feel that you want to continue doing CS and if you don't hate it, then maybe you should keep it up, but try to pad your GPA wherever possible so that law school is more attainable. (it might also go up in upper years, as you take more specialized courses). Having said that, I don't know about applying in a discretionary category and honestly it sounds like you're pretty set for recommendations and EC's in a way that I wasn't. You've also started planning for this pretty decently, and so I genuinely believe you could make it happen, and I don't think that you'll need 2 degrees for it.
  3. All my documents should be accounted for, but that's a terrifying anecdote. I'm glad you found out when you did!
  4. Oh, I'll look into UNB, thanks! And I heard back from Western at about mid January, kind of a while ago.
  5. Other than a rejection from Western, it's still been radio silence from all the law schools I applied to (mostly Ontario schools, but also UBC and UVic). Does this silence mean that it's time to commit to new plans for September 2018?
  6. No, it's only marginally higher (if i calculated it correctly - hard to say b/c i did an exchange term)
  7. I applied to: Western, Ottawa, UofT, UBC and UVic. I have decent academic references and ECs, but am quite worried that my cGPA is just too low for it to matter.
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