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  1. Thanks for your input! I was hoping to get some merit-based scholarships from U of T, but that's pretty unlikely since most of their financial aid seems to be for students with financial need.
  2. I guess you had a good experience at U of T if you decided you wanted to stay after undergrad? It's good to hear they all kept the scholarships! Top 20% seems really tough but I thought they probably wouldn't give out too many scholarships that people couldn't keep.
  3. Also, can I assume that I’ll be able to keep my scholarship in the last two years? Or is it common for people to lose their entrance scholarship because their grades fall?
  4. I was surprised about the business clinics as well. But in terms of course selection, I found courses that interest me in both schools and it really didn’t sway my decision either way 😕
  5. I haven’t really considered that. Thanks.
  6. I guess the difference tuition alone would be about $60k for me. If I add differences in living expenses, probably more. Thanks for your input! It's a tough decision.
  7. I think I prefer U of T's location a lot more. Also I'll be closer to friends and family in downtown Toronto. I guess I should consider whether it's worth forgoing the scholarship? Is it really inconvenient to travel downtown from Osgoode?
  8. Can I expect it to be a general estimate or is it likely to be very very different from the actual financial aid? Also, is it fair to assume that you won't receive much merit-based scholarships from U of T? Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, I was admitted to both schools in December, and I recently received an email saying that I was awarded a considerable amount of scholarship from Osgoode. I wanted to hear what other people would do in my situation. Here are some of the things that are relevant to me: 1. I am interested in corporate law, although I was hoping that I would have a better idea after my 1l. 2. Cost is not a major concern, but it can't be ignoring it either. 3. To receive the Osgoode scholarship in my 2nd and 3rd years, I need to maintain very high grades. There aren't any requirements to demonstrate financial need. 4. I have looked at U of T's financial aid estimator, but I have also read that they aren't always reflective of what you actually get. I realize that similar topics have been discussed on this forum, but many people don't seem to be interested in corporate law. The general consensus seem to support U of T if you are interested in corporate law, but would that still be true if you get scholarships from Osgoode? Any input is appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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