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  1. I am by no means gunning for NYC Big Law alone. I have a T14 acceptance from the only school that has gotten back to me yet, so if I am inspired to chase US Big Law I think I have a pathway to do so. I mentioned big law/clerkships to see what the sought after positions are in Canada. Are there any schools akin to the T14 that send near all of their graduates to sought after positions? And what are those positions? Thanks for all the responses.
  2. Hey y'all -- 3.9x, 169 LSAT applicant thinking about making a life up north because... America. A few quick questions that are probably googleable, but forgive me: 1) Are there portable degrees in Canada? In America, graduates from the Top 14 law schools are sought by employers nationally. Is that so in Canada, and if so which schools qualify? 2) Explain articling to me like I am 5. 3) What do gunners go after in Canada? Big law, clerkships, same as America? Go Oilers!
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