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  1. Osgoode, Queens, Western, Sask, TRU, AB, Dal
  2. I got into 7 schools with a 155,156
  3. You have a good chance. I got accepted in January with similar stats
  4. DJ89

    UK Law School - Ontario resident

    You also need a cosigner for a LOC if you study in the UK.
  5. Id bet my life your in
  6. DJ89

    last 57 credits?

    Yes they will just go back into the next semester. I had a similar situation. I cant recall 100%, but I think UofC went back 1 full semester, but I believe U of A may go back and also use the full previous year.
  7. DJ89

    When does LOC become available?

    I started using mine in may
  8. DJ89

    Chances for next cycle [3.46 / 150]

    LSAT needs to come up for sure
  9. If you have accommodations you can get time and a half which would increase total testing time
  10. Ive lived in Victoria the las 7 years and also did my undergrad at UVIC. Esquimalt is definitely not too far. I actually lived out in Langford on Bear Mountain golf course. You can find cheaper, newer places in Langford if you dont mind the commute. Only practical if you drive though. Victoria is very bike friendly, seems to be I see a new bike lane every time I am out. I can make it to the campus from langford in just over 20 mins with no traffic. Esquimalt is no problem. You can also PM me with any other questions
  11. DJ89

    Waistlist - 2018

    Fantastic decision lol
  12. did u end up getting an offer?
  13. DJ89

    Waistlist - 2018

    Ill be withdrawing, so a spot will open up soon