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  1. Hi everyone, I was accepted to Dal in January, but just deferred because I was accepted into the dual JD/ MHA program (so my law courses won't start until the fall of 2019). Hopefully this opens a spot for one of the people on this page! Good luck!
  2. Hi everyone, I was accepted to UNB about two weeks ago, but declined today (I've decided to accept Dal, as they offer the dual JD/ MHA program). I hope this opens a spot up for one of the people on this page! Good luck with everything.
  3. Absolutely thrilled to say that I was accepted this morning! cGPA: 3.85 L2 GPA: 3.79 LSAT: 152 (there is hope for sub-160 LSAT scores!) Extensive extracurricular/volunteer involvement, strong PS and references Will be completing my BSc in April Nova Scotia resident Regular applicant category App went under review Jan. 8th
  4. Hmmm. I wonder if they fully review all the applications as they come in... Or only the ones with the ideal stats...
  5. Received an email a few days ago stating that my application is complete and currently in progress. Has anybody received this email and since been waitlisted? Or received this email and been waiting to hear back for more than a few weeks?
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