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  1. Has anyone received a bursary yet? I know the merit awards went out long ago but that is not my concern. I was told they'd be given out around this time so I'm wondering if it's started yet
  2. What's this lemon you speak of?.... Also just an aside to that whole guide up there: be smart kids, back up to the cloud. Google drive nets you 15gb of cloud storage free.
  3. Waitlisted: 3.6L2 and 161 only write, will asked to be removed; Good luck everyone!
  4. Okay, I mean this sounds fake... but okay
  5. Hi all, does anyone know if we need to make a schedule first year (i.e. select classes) or is everything done for us? I know that the whole first year curriculum consists of compulsory courses, I'm just wondering if there are multiple time slots per class and we get to choose from them to build a schedule.
  6. From what I've gathered Crowsnest is mostly a graduate res (so a mix of med, law, and PhD students). I'd wager most of the law students live off campus, but I can guarantee at least some live in Crowsnest.
  7. Im an Ontario resident and chose U of C of over Lakehead. I think the practice where you want to work refers more so to proximity (every other Ontario school is a stone throw to Toronto compared to Lakehead). Calgary has a huge legal market which I think would set you up nicely to return, if not immediately then definitely at a later point in time. From what Ive gathered Lakehead focuses on training sole practitioners for rural practice which Im sure would give you a unique skill set, but may be more difficult to get onto Bay if that is your goal.
  8. Accepted just now! 161 lsat, 3.58 L2, no northern connection but I did describe an interest in rural/ solo practice. Will be declining in favour of Calgary, but still excited for the offer!
  9. Thanks for the input everyone, I decided to do crowsnest for 1 L (Was able to snag a 1 bedroom!). Im definitely coming back to Ontario in the summer time, so the 8 month lease is attractive as well as its location and I assume that there will be other law students in the building which will be good to develop a social network.
  10. My budget is around a 1000 a month all in (I've never paid for utilities so I'm not sure what it would cost for one person), public transit and ideally located close to a grocery store
  11. Hi all, I made a Crowsnest application this week and am just wondering if anyone has any idea on my chances of getting a room? - I am open to living in an apartment as well so if anyone has any specific building in Calgary that they'd recommend it would be appreciated!
  12. Regrets. L2: 3.58 Lsat: 161 *Haven't gotten an email yet, but my student centre was updated
  13. Do you have to accept your offer to be in the group or have only been extended an offer?? I'm hoping for a western acceptance, but the group has over 180 members. It's looking like the class is full.
  14. I received an email from western asking me to review information on transcripts, change of contact, entrance scholarships, bursary app and admission decision... I checked the student center and I have no decision, is this just a general email all applicants get? Or is there some action that needs to be taken
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