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  1. 1L has been fine but I've been having trouble finding enough Skrillex/ Kendrick collabs to channel my emo frustrations in song while delivering a social justice message. Things I want to be true: Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is the "Duckworth" in Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP. Spread the word. Student summaries and a good textbook are your keys to success
  2. From my brief encounter w CEGEP students following admission to McGill, here's my template for how to approach your interview: Tell us about your CV experience. Model answer: Communicate your experience with detail and confidence. E.g. I went to Model UN, I was a satisfying experience because... XYZ. Here's what makes differentiates a good student from a great student: Add in 1 sentence at the end noting the limitations of that experience. Going off the Model UN experience, you could say-- "I enjoyed the process greatly but I am wary of biases existing in the students who participate in it. We're all from Canadian colleges, written submissions and point-first writing are key to getting one's points across. I wonder if this is truly reflective of international politics and discourse. Do you think it may limit voices from XYZ?" (Ask the interviewers, they're profs too!)... You may be able to supplement w an example...' I think a lot about my grandma, who isn't from here, she speaks more circularly, building familiarity with her conversation partner before making substantive claims. Will she have less of a voice?' Then do something about it these concerns: I read a paper in XYZ and it gave a new theory; perhaps it could be implemented. I think it would be a great skill to think about when the McGill Journals take online submissions from non-North American authors. Key message being sent: Though I don't know the answers, I'm really cognizant of certain issues and I want to follow up. I'm curious. I'm hungry. I'll bring this same enthusiasm to McGill. Disclaimer: This advice could be equally useless as it is useful.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akitsiraq_Law_School Canada's first virtual-ish law school? It seems to have restarted its enrollment in 2017 following a hiatus in 2004. Can't seem to find any recent operating info. Are there any students actually attending this school? What university are you tied to (it notes both UVic, UOttawa)? Do you still receive a LLB or is the page outdated and the program rewards JD's? The stats also make little sense. How did 87% pass the bar if only 11 students were enrolled... 9/11 = 82% pass rate, 10/11 = 91% pass rate..
  4. I don't understand why you can't squeeze your remaining semester in the summer before McGill in the fall. Highlight it VERY clearly on your statement that you will receive your degree in August, prior to matriculation. Make your case, talk to the Adcoms. After all, you're only a mere 18 months away from being a fully fledged 0.5L of a 3.5yr program at Canada's only law school with its own iPhone and Android app! I know, I know, I too get giddy at the thought. Don't believe me? The odds are against you as a non-degree non-CEGEP pleb: see here: https://www.mcgill.ca/law/bcl-llb/admissions-guide/eligibility Please note that, while candidates who have completed 60 credits are eligible to apply to the BCL/LLB program, the strength of the university applicant pool is such that the Faculty rarely admits candidates who will not have completed an undergraduate degree at the time of registration. random rant: Here's a fresh perspective. Think of McGill like Portland. Everything is a bit weird and eclectic but you love it anyways. Anything but vanilla. I didn't end up going there but this prof's work always stood out: https://www.mcgill.ca/law/teaching/being-self-aware
  5. I chose Alberta over the Eastern schools; it places quite well in the West. I think Toronto Bay St has the pleasure of selecting its cream of the crop so as long as you perform well anywhere you should be competitive. But what if you aren't in the top quartile? What will you do? Alberta and BC markets are viable. However, they will care about where you come from & whether you will stay. Local firms will host coffee chats/ firm visits/ conferences, etc. Get an "in" through these channels. In these middle markets, geography matters; play it safe w Alberta and make use of its proximity to 2 major markets (Van + Calg). Shoot yer shot 4 Stikes in Toronto but keep (REDACTED) LLP in your back pocket Me also biased but yee
  6. Can you share some specifics/ opinions/ insights
  7. cuz paper is a thing of the past maaaan *vapes JUUL aggressively*
  8. Hi all, Looking to matriculate at McGill in the fall. Low cost of tuition is great and living in Montreal seems nice. One thing that concerns me is that the CDO isn't as transparent about their post-grad statistics and articling placements. I find the practice a bit shady and am worried that a great # of students end up with unpaid placements because of the odd timing linked to the 3.5 yr timeline. Can any current students chime in? Is McGill a safe bet for finding a job?
  9. Hi all, Had the pleasure of getting the ol nod from McGill this year and slated to attend in the Fall. Some family concerns have brought into consideration that I may need to transfer to a different Canadian law school- one in my home province- in the future. Is this doable wth the joint curriculum?
  10. Hey everyone, Can anyone explain how the 3-year format for the BCL/LLB works out? Does this mean I can't work any summers?
  11. Chirico is right; you need to get the gist of trans-systemia. I think reading McGill's articles on TS help a great deal (in fact, you can integrate similar values or even align your opinions) with these works. https://www.mcgill.ca/centre-crepeau/projects/transsystemic/articles http://transystemia.blogspot.ca/ Here's my biggest reason: Compare McGill's joint program (a 3.5 year moshpit) with USask's JD program with a 1-year civil law option. Assuming both schools have similar stats, what are your reasons for learning both systems at once versus doing it in consecutive, but separate years (3+1).
  12. I would have put the quotes on attended rather than claims haha. Sorry to hear about this situation. Your situation will depend on either: 1). You paid UofT Did you pay the $500 non-refundable deposit? May be worth a shot, but again, it's non-refundable. I would be surprised if the admissions team didn't raise eyebrows when a non-student's $500 cheque/ money order addressed to UofT law came in. Did you pay an entire year's worth of tuition? May be worth trying to get back... again, I would be surprised if someone didn't raise eyebrows. 2). You paid the student/ transferred money directly to the student From the way it's framed, this looks like it's the more likely scenario. Best to consult a lawyer !
  13. Accepted a while back. cGPA above 3.7, LSAT above 160. Had French interview. Notes from Admitted Day: 60-65 students. Had a sample mini-class on Family Law. Some parts spoken in French. Laws examined; text provided in both English and French. The School/ Community: IMO people seem holistic. The school is on a hill. The hill gets icy. There are many law clubs. Most classes in NCDH (the law building). Most students complete in 3.5 years, so it pushes 1L summer a year forward and so on.
  14. @woodlylaw Way too much identifying information! Unless that's what you're hoping for 4.0'er!
  15. Any reason why Admitted Day is so early? Surely they haven't already accepted the bulk of their class?!
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