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  1. Really appreciate the input, confirms my initial thinking.
  2. 3. Letters of Reference At least two letters of reference are required and we strongly recommend that at least one be an academic reference. Letters of reference are confidential and must be submitted by the referee directly to OLSAS. You should select referees who have extensive personal knowledge of you and can make statements concerning your: Character Personal qualities Academic capabilities Performance in an employment and/or volunteer capacity Special circumstances, if applicable MY QUESTION: Osgoode asks for a minimum of two letters of reference, with the STRONG recommendation that one be an academic reference. I have been out of undergrad for several years, and while I can probably get a few professors to write something, its been long enough that they won't be glowing or very detailed. I can get very strong recommendations from my supervisor, manager and the the owner of the company I work for also (Not directly related to law, more skills based). However, I am wondering if I could use a 3rd cousin, who is a very prominent lawyer in Ontario, and former professor (at osgoode) for an additional recommendation, are family/relative references not allowed? Will it look bad? Does it matter either way? And yes we have the same last name.
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