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  1. Yes. I guess they're called "legal clinics" at UT. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/centres-programs/legal-clinics
  2. I know that at Osgoode you can do up to two clinicals. What's the number at U of T? thanks.
  3. You have to submit the changes. I can't remember but it's a few step process and at first it seems like you've accepted it but you haven't.
  4. ? I mentioned that I've looked at the clinicals already.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if any current or former students NOT interested in Bay Street could comment on their experience and opportunities at U of T. I have looked at the course offerings, clinicals and internships and would love to hear from students. Thanks!
  6. Hi yes I would say so. Should also add that I'm also interested in potentially pursuing graduate legal studies.
  7. Hi! I was wondering if someone could focus on the "corporate vibe" of UT and if UT is a good choice for social justice oriented students. thanks!
  8. I was recently admitted to both U of T and Osgoode. Though I was pretty adamant about Oz, I'm not so sure anymore. I know we have all heard about the corporate vibe at UT, and that most people are likely to say that Oz would fit my interests (human rights, immigration, domestic violence) better. But I'm really wondering if I should decline UT for Oz, given that Oz also has a large number of corporate law courses and UT also has excellent social justice related courses as well as clinicals I'm interested in. Though UT is famous for is corporate focus, from what I've gathered it's not as if Osgoode also isn't corporate focused at all either. So please don't answer with the typical "U of T is all Bay Street or bust." I know that is the focus of the program and many students. I want to hear from people interested in social justice at both schools about what their program offers and doesn't. I should mention that fortunately finances are not an issue. Thank you so much!
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