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  1. The advice you'll likely get on the forum is: 1) Chill (this is potentially your last summer of freedom); 2) Sort out all your personal relationships to minimize any stressors during the year; 3) Handle all your appointments in August if possible (dentist, optometrist, etc.); 4) Increase your typing speed if possible, 5) Read for fun while you still can/want to; 6) Read 'Getting to Maybe' by Fischl and Paul and 'One L' by Scott Turow. 1L can be a grind, enjoy yourself before then!
  2. Hey Everyone, With course selection coming up in the next few months, I am interested in hearing what some of your favourite classes have been at Osgoode. I'm going corporate, but am genuinely interested in which courses you all enjoyed, or looking back, wish you had taken while still in law school! Thanks!
  3. I agree with you 100%. I wasn't attemptinging to undermine the decision of my classmates to listen to lectures from home if they find it a better use of time/get more out of it. The decision to essentially attend class from home does hinder a lot of the other benefits of attending classes that other posters were alluding to that help in achieving at the highest levels (in law school as a whole). Things like being able to ask questions, having face-time to help land RA positions, etc.
  4. Might be an Oz thing. A lot of the top achievers in my section didn’t attend class either. Albeit, they still listened to the lectures at their own pace from home.
  5. According to a friend, Blake's took 14 1Ls. Davies went with 8 I believe. It does look like the firms are stocking up on 1Ls.
  6. Oz. The gunners--they're real, and they're among us. The library closes at a reasonable time (10 pm), but people camp out in classrooms and common rooms afterwards 🤕
  7. That's amazing to hear. My firm said something similar, but I wasn't sure how literally to take it. You were also right about me being stressed about not being stressed. I've been feeling remotely guilty when I head home from the library at ten while my friends still camp out until 1 or 2 am.
  8. Haha, I know. Since securing a 1L position, I haven't taken my foot off the gas because I still have personal goals. But I've been studying without the anxiety of not having a job/articles. It would be nice if that never went away is all.
  9. I am piggybacking on this post. Is being retained from 1L summer to 2L summer practically guaranteed as well? Is law school over if one secured a 1L position at a firm in which they plan to stay?
  10. Currently, in 1L and have been living here all year. It's not the worst thing in the world. If you have questions, PM me.
  11. Catch up on all your TV shows. This way you'll only have 20-40 minutes per show a week. Much better than being trapped in a mid-semester binge.
  12. FoG

    Suits For Men

    @FineCanadianFXs @Horace Thank you both for the insights, I'll likely shop around for some OTR stuff first then! Do any great places come to mind? I picked up my last suit from SuitSupply and am considering returning there if you don't know of any better options.
  13. FoG

    Suits For Men

    I was just thinking about also shopping for the long term since I plan on staying at my firm for the long haul and a deeper rotation would likely preserve my clothes longer.
  14. FoG

    Suits For Men

    Does anyone know good and affordable ($1000-$1500 or so) Bespoke or M2M suits in Toronto? Beginning the Big Law life this summer and don't want to show up in rags.
  15. Currently living in OC and I really enjoy it. I've definitely heard a lot of negatives from people around me, but I've had absolutely zero troubles with my place.
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