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  1. nnnnnnn

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Got an offer on Thursday 1/31 GPA: 3.74(WES) LSAT: 169
  2. I know ! I started learning French just so I could apply Mcgill but quickly realized that it will be very hard for me to develop a French proficiency that the law school admissions would require.
  3. Thanks for the reposnse. Let's say the restrictions on UBC law school's tution was lifted and UBC starts charging a tution fee similar to that of Toronto schools. What would it spend the additional revenue on? One of the main arguments UofT uses to justify it's exorbitant fees is it's necessity to retain world-class faculty who would earn hefty salaries if they were practcing lawyers. Is that a valid justification? How is UBC able to retain it's faculty?
  4. How does UBC get to maintain it's standard of legal education while competing with Canadian law schools that charge 3-4 times the tution? What programs and benefits(compared to say UofT and Osgoode) does UBC cut back on in order to provide a legal education at a low cost?
  5. Got the call this morning GPA: 3.74 (WES) LSAT: 169
  6. nnnnnnn

    Tips on "getting into" Intellectual Property law

    Thanks a lot. This is great information as should be very helpful I will definitely contact him Prof. Graham Reynolds when I start law school.
  7. nnnnnnn

    Tips on "getting into" Intellectual Property law

    I don’t see any IP-law specific programs at UBC. I believe business law clinic at UBC encompasses IP law. I see one professor , Graham Reynolds, specializing in IP law. I am not sure of the RA opportunities available though, I have to check. I heard that IP firms generally look for a PhD graduates. Will employers looks at my experience for 8 years as comparable to a PhD degree? Thanks
  8. nnnnnnn

    Tips on "getting into" Intellectual Property law

    Thanks for the response. It is good to hear that UBC graduates are successfully pursuing IP law careers. I understand that most Canadian school are regionally locked, is that not the case with IP law?
  9. I am wondering if UBC is a good place to be in if I want to pursue IP law. How are opportunities in Vancouver? I have seen UBC graduates in the IP department of some firms in Vancouver area. Are IP law opportunities regionally “locked” or are they more national? My background: I am an electrical engineer. I have been working for a multi-national semi-conductor company for 8 years now. I have a Master’s in electrical engineering. I would appreciate any insights Thanks
  10. nnnnnnn

    Tips on "getting into" Intellectual Property law

    Thanks a lot for the information. It gives me a good idea on the the IP job market. I have Master’s in Electrical engineering and an 8 year experience in large multi-national semi-conductor company. I hope to eventually practice IP law. I have a specific question: What affect will UBC law school have on my chances of getting into IP? Does IP job market have disproportionately high concentration of graduates from a particular law school or do all the law graduates have an equal opportunity?
  11. nnnnnnn

    2019 Admission cycle discussion

    Sorry I think the stat indicated that there seems to statistically significant correlation between high LSAT score and OCI success. They might not have direct causal relationship. Correct me if I am wrong.
  12. nnnnnnn

    2019 Admission cycle discussion

    I thought so too, but I guess they might be experienced enough to fill the right number of spots to allow space for equally strong applications in future rounds. The increasingly subjective nature of admission criteria is little unsettling. I understand they use an algorithm that compares the candidate in hand with similar candidates in the past to assess a candidate’s success in law school
  13. Now that round 1 admissions are done, let’s discuss trends and future rounds. The blog says the chance of admission is the same for round 2 and round 3. What can we make out of it, given that a large number of admits were sent out in round 1? Though I see numbers all over the place, I see a trend in favor of GPA. LSAT’s influence on admission decision seems to be waning. I recently came acrosss a employment statistics document released by ultravires. High LSAT score was seen as a significant roadblock in the effort to secure a job through OCI.
  14. OP... you spoke my mind. I got dinged last year and UofT was the only school I applied to. I tried improving my personal statement to improve my chances this year. But it did not seem to work in the first round, UofT is turning into a blackbox for me. I am not very bitter this time because I have slightly changed perspective similar to yours on law school and tution
  15. I received the offer e-mail as well GPA: 83%(with drops) LSAT: 169