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  1. nnnnnnn

    2019 Admission cycle discussion

    I thought so too, but I guess they might be experienced enough to fill the right number of spots to allow space for equally strong applications in future rounds. The increasingly subjective nature of admission criteria is little unsettling. I understand they use an algorithm that compares the candidate in hand with similar candidates in the past to assess a candidate’s success in law school
  2. Now that round 1 admissions are done, let’s discuss trends and future rounds. The blog says the chance of admission is the same for round 2 and round 3. What can we make out of it, given that a large number of admits were sent out in round 1? Though I see numbers all over the place, I see a trend in favor of GPA. LSAT’s influence on admission decision seems to be waning. I recently came acrosss a employment statistics document released by ultravires. High LSAT score was seen as a significant roadblock in the effort to secure a job through OCI.
  3. OP... you spoke my mind. I got dinged last year and UofT was the only school I applied to. I tried improving my personal statement to improve my chances this year. But it did not seem to work in the first round, UofT is turning into a blackbox for me. I am not very bitter this time because I have slightly changed perspective similar to yours on law school and tution
  4. I received the offer e-mail as well GPA: 83%(with drops) LSAT: 169
  5. Yes, my current status changed to offer. I just checked it.
  6. nnnnnnn

    In queue 2019

    I still haven’t received application acknowledgement e-mail yet. Waiting waiting......
  7. nnnnnnn

    In queue 2019

    I sent them an e-mail and they responded that they would upload the data as and when they receive the information from OLSAS and that until then I should keep checking my emails regularly.
  8. nnnnnnn

    In queue 2019

    Count yourself lucky, I haven’t received the acknowledgement e-mail yet
  9. nnnnnnn

    Applicants without an OLSAS GPA

    I contacted the law school to understand why I was to rejected and whether my undergraduate degree from a non-Canadian non-US institution impacted my chances of admission. The detailed response the school sent me was what I believe the best response any school would send after it sends out a rejection. The e-mail response went over different aspects of my application. It mentioned that my LSAT and GPA(UofT considers WES GPA in place of OLSAS GPA when the applicant has a degree from an international university) were in traditionally competitive range and there is no need of improving on them if I apply the next cycle. The other major aspect of my application that I should probably work on is my personal statement and optional essay. It also mentioned that autobiographical sketches don’t have much impact on the admission decision. They were quite a few applicants with similar or better metrics compared to mine who couldn’t get an admit. So, I guess I now understand how critical my personal statement is and I know that my essays were not my best work. I should spent more time on it.
  10. nnnnnnn

    Applicants without an OLSAS GPA

    Thanks for the reference. I was heartened to read that on their blog when they posted it. I understand that they are familiar with the process. I am just afraid they find it difficult to assess and compare transcripts evaluated by WES. It looks like the document is not as neatly structured as OLSAS GPA table. I am planning to apply next year and I hope my international transcript is not a major handicap. I’ll feel more confident if someone on this forum with an international undergraduate degree got admitted to the law school.
  11. Are there any admitted applicants who received undergraduate education outside US and Canada and so have an OLSAS GPA showing up as 0.0? There is no reason to doubt the admission process but is there is a chance people might be rejected because of a lack of OLSAS GPA? They receive a lot of fantastic applications and assessing international transcripts is not very easy. I am not sure how the ad comm looks at WES GPA.
  12. nnnnnnn

    Application completeness

    Thank you I understand they would be reluctant to provide me any feedback. I want to know how my international academic record played in, on how they look at WES GPA. It’ll be weird though to apply with same exact stats next year if I decide not to give my LSAT again.
  13. nnnnnnn

    Application completeness

    Thank you, that was encouraging. I actually read up all your posts. It was exciting to know how you turned around things for yourself in one year. I am planning to work on a few things this year. I am really interested law, I don’t want to give it up so easily. Next year I am planning to apply to UofT, Oz, UBC and Mcgill(have to learn French, I’ll create a separate post on it)
  14. nnnnnnn

    Application completeness

    Yes, I think my resume was poorly written. I did not give it much attention.My personal statement was unexceptional, I did not do anything extraordinary. I was a regular old engineer. I wrote about how I got interested in law. I wrote a diversity statement, I am gay but who is not these days . I wrote an essay on how I overcame social pressure to conform to heterosexual norms. Is there a chance I can e-mail, may be later, the admissions committee to understand what lacked in my application.
  15. nnnnnnn

    Application completeness

    I did not apply to any other universities I did not think I could get references in time for the application. I also wanted to live in Toronto. I am planning to apply to other universities next cycle.