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  1. Accepted on Friday. GPA: 4.0/4.3 LSAT: 155
  2. It means you updated something and pressed submit. That message means OLSAS is processing your updated information and forwarding same to the law schools that you applied to.
  3. Congrats on the acceptance! Were you planning on rewriting the LSAT in January at all before you got accepted?
  4. As it has been quite difficult receiving any kind of response from the admissions office on my end, has anyone had any success calling in or emailing the admissions office? When will the next wave of acceptances be going out? There hasn't been much activity since prior to Christmas so I just wanted to know if anyone has any kind of update! Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry to hear that. What are your stats like?
  6. Congrats! - what are your EC's like?
  7. Thats strange, but nevertheless good to know. Did your application status change to something else from "pending review" before you got accepted?
  8. Does anyone else's Windsor application say "No" for satisfied documents under the Documents and Tests tab? I understand that Windsor manually checks off what they've received from OLSAS, but has anyone been told when it'll be updated for December LSAT takers? Thanks!
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