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  1. Not important enough to amend the stats of an application
  2. I should add that if staying on top of things was an issue for you then a prep course could be a good idea. They add structure and discipline. That is very important for people who get easily distracted!
  3. I self-studied so I'm a bit biased but I believe prep courses are a rip-off. If you really want to spend the money on some teaching I think your best bet is either the 7Sage online prep material or self-study supplemented with private tutoring. Studying for the LSAT is unique to the individual. You should figure out what works for you. I don't think prep courses can teach you that.
  4. I understand where those feelings come from, it is constantly discussed on this forum. I'm fine with being around people who are stressed out - it's a fact of life in university. I agree that joking about hardships and adversity is a sign of positivity and support. However, I don't think anybody likes a person who is always going on about how tough things are. I wasn't dunking on U of T, I was making sure the atmosphere is a bit more upbeat than what the internet suggests.
  5. Good to know - thanks!
  6. What is the vibe at the school? Recently I have seen a lot of self-deprecating humour (jokes about crying, inadequacy, insecurity etc.) coming from some U of T law students and was wondering just how much of that is true. I can appreciate the stresses that come with wanting to do well in law school, but at the same time I'm not sure how I feel about being around people who are always sharing their shitty mindset.
  7. I studied physics and chemistry, mostly in the context of ocean processes. In my law school applications I described ocean resource management and how it intersects science, technology, and the law.
  8. I don't think there will be a very meaningful resolution to this debate. If STEM classes are apples then the social sciences and humanities are oranges. Some people are good at math and others are good at history. If the crux of this thread is what faculty/major is best for getting adequate grades for law school then the answer is probably what you are good at and enjoy. Using grades to compare the difficulty of STEM and the humanities is a bit tricky since the humanities grades are influenced by a marker's bias.
  9. Considering your stellar GPA I would say 163-164 would be pretty solid.
  10. It is not a good idea to rely on softs (i.e. EC's, program difficulty etc.) when applying to law schools. As somebody mentioned above, U of T is essentially 1/3 LSAT, 1/3 personal statement (PS), and 1/3 GPA. Straight up, your GPA will be a problem. So you're going to need to compensate for that by doing a good job with the remaining 2/3 of your application. I would aim for 170+ on the LSAT and put a lot of thought into your PS. Your GPA might be a problem at Osgoode, but I think all other schools should be within reach if you land around 163-165 on the LSAT.
  11. 162 is not a safe Oz score. You could get in, but you're not a lock. If you had a 164 or 165 you would be a stronger applicant.
  12. I did TONS of untimed and can confirm that it does help. I would suggest mixing timed and untimed together and really focusing on where you are making mistakes. In terms of pacing yourself through the section, try to get the first 15 questions done in 15 minutes. That leaves 20 minutes for the last 10-11 questions.
  13. Do you guys derail every single thread here?
  14. Such aspects of an application are intangible. I'm sure it would help in a tie-break situation, but as I mentioned I think your best bet is to focus on your stats. There are so many variables that could affect the quality of your application: essay, addenda, ethnicity, extracurricular activities, work experience, undergrad institution, major etc. It is hard to determine the relative importance of these variables (or softs). This is why there is such an emphasis on GPA and LSAT - applications live and die by your stats.
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