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  1. Which schools rely more heavily on ECs/volunteering/work as a deciding factor for admission? I can imagine that all schools take these into consideration, but I'm just wondering which schools value these more than others and accept students who have a lot of ECs and work but don't have AMAZING GPAs or LSAT scores (rather have average scores for a law school applicant)? As for early admission, is this just granted on the basis of grades or also takes into consideration ECs and work?
  2. Perfect thank you, and I will!
  3. I'm a 1st year student at Concordia University in Montreal and am planning on applying to law schools across Canada (not in Quebec) once I'm done my bachelor degree. Since I got my CEGEP degree already (2 years), it will only take me 3 years to do my bachelor degree. I am just curious which grades will count towards my law school application. Does anyone know if I have to send in my CEGEP transcript to law schools and if these grades count towards my final average (including my university grades)? Or do just my grades in university count when sending in my application? Thank you!