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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I recall York Apartment say that check in closes at 7pm
  2. Nevermind, I found someone (a current Osgoode law student) already
  3. I'd prefer not after a 10+ hours flight...
  4. This is a long shot, but I am a Canadian incoming Osgoode student (Class of 2021) living abroad and will fly to Toronto on July 17th. However, on the evening of July 17th, my flight arrives at Toronto airport at ~7:30pm/8pm and by the time I arrive on York campus the check-in for York Apartment will be closed...( as York Housing told me) I am wondering if there are any fellow classes (Class of 2021) or senior law students whose place is also at Osgoode Chambers that can allow me to crash for that one night on July 17th? Will pay you in good company and European souvenirs. It will help a lot! And the next morning of July 18th I will go and check into my own apartment (when I get offers from York Housing for July 18th). Thanks a lot in advance! PM me if you can kindly help!
  5. But without an interview, I got accepted in early January.
  6. Im interested what you meant when you said you are an "access" category applicants. Osgoode and UoT are the only two schools on OLSAS that do not actually have "boxes" for students to tick for "access".. I dont think that would have been the reason for your interview. Because for me, I had a short-term medical condition so I applied as an "access" applicant to other schools, but definitely not Osgoode. I only wrote the additional essay for Osgoode.
  7. thats interestingly weird.. never heard osgoode gives out interview. did you receive an email for interview too? or did you get acceptance then interview?
  8. Are you using Office 365 from Osgoode? I would like to use microsoft office from the school if its working, otherwise im paying on my own right now for Office
  9. It is happening to me right now. Btw, can we already use office 365?? by using our Osgoode student account?
  10. That is likely the reason. When I firmly accepted I also made sure that I mail my $450 money order on the same day, then my status was updated a week and a bit more after. With the update "paid" as well.
  11. I think (I might be wrong) that getting into the queue has nothing much to do with the actual time of admission offer.. from the length of time of getting into queue until the actual offer (in my case) was a bit more than a month, whereas other people have said they got into queue then offer came soon after. I never even checked when I was in queue until I got the offer (then it showed both dates)
  12. congrats! And the email went to you via personal email (like gmail, hotmail) or via Osgoode email? The one ending with osgoode.yorku.ca?
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