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  1. Is this true and can you clarify if you are talking about Toronto OCIs? I imagine that attending a dinner outside of the in-firm stage would be impossible for students that are from a law school outside of the city.
  2. I just finished my 1L and I did well. My main priority was to pay attention in class and take great notes. That being said, on average I dedicated most evenings to reading/doing assignments (at least 8pm-12am) and weekends from mid-morning to evening. First semester is very busy...you need to hit the ground running. In terms of readings I was definitely selective, you have to manage your time effectively. There are a lot of writing assignments and they will take time because legal writing is an adjustment from any undergrad. In terms of exams, if you have great class notes backed up by some textbook notes from the start of the year, April finals and December exams will be a lot less stressful!
  3. Hey, I was a life science student and I'm currently in law school. You can message me if you have any questions.
  4. Have any PFOs gone out from BLG, A&B, Dentons, or Blakes?
  5. Hi all, Has anyone received an ITC or PFO from any firms thus far?
  6. Hey everyone, any hope for movement before July 3rd?
  7. I emailed them a few days ago but only received a reply today, they also said they will be starting a waitlist in the coming days.
  8. I emailed them earlier and received a reply stating that the class is full as of now.
  9. Thank you for the quick and helpful reply! I accepted the waitlist offer but I do not see the letter, it should remain after accepting the waitlist, correct? I will contact Danielle if this is the case. Thanks!
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