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  1. Thanks! It is good to know an Osgoode education is not limited to GTA and Ontario. But are firms/employers skeptical about why I would want to suddenly move from Toronto to Vancouver or Victoria? Maybe they might question why I did not go to law school out in BC?
  2. Thank you so much for your feedback. I am glad to hear that Osgoode is supportive. Would you be OK if I send you a PM to discuss further?
  3. I was informed that I am not eligible for UVic scholarships as they use the index system and mine is not competitive. However, tuition is cheaper than Ontario schools and I would still qualify for the bursary program. How much they give out on average I don’t know.
  4. Hi everyone. So I am fortunate to have received 4 acceptances pretty early in the cycle. Now I have some big decisions. My response to Uvic is March 15th and Ontario schools by April 1st. This seems like quite of a bit of time but I'm still finishing up fourth year and am working 25 hours a week. I don't want to put the cart before the horse but have to start thinking ahead. I'm first generation so I don't have a lot of family support on these types of things. I am getting in contact with students at the schools to hear their perspectives. I will be going to several welcome events later this month and in March. I'm sure they will be helpful. Some important factors in picking a school: -I have 30k in undergrad debt. So law school awards/scholarships/bursaries are very important. I know I probably won't have these decisions until I'm enrolled as a student and apply for bursaries, but definitely something to consider. I like Windsor because cost of living is pretty affordable. -I am a student with a disability. Therefore I want to make sure that the law school has appropriate supports in place and student life is strong. My undergrad lacked this and it was difficult for me at times. -I am very interested in labour/employment law, and public interest work. Osgoode sticks out in this area as they have specialized clinics/opportunities, though I'm sure I can get experience at other law schools. I also realize my career interests may change in law school I'm not interested in corporate/Bay street. As for where I want to practice, I'm very open to BC, more for the coast and personal reasons. I am from Ontario (GTA). I wouldn't mind practicing here either, though a change from the GTA would be nice. If anyone has any feedback or recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm also aiming to do campus tours of the law schools to get a better idea of what they offer. Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone. I applied to some Ontario schools a few months ago. But due to family and career reasons, I am thinking about applying to Uvic. I would like to practice in BC although I am from Ontario. I know their deadline is very soon so I’m not sure if I even have a solid chance or should sit out. The 3.95 is my OLSAS cGPA. I’m not sure what this would equate to at UVic. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks all and good luck!