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  1. Thing is, it’s not. BQ just has some weird personal vendetta with me. And never caring about scoring a 170, because it just didn’t matter. The law school I go to has a better reputation than yours (find a ranking site anywhere that says different). Attack me personally as much as you want, only your insecurity will be perpetuated as a result.
  2. No, I tried to score above a 160 and did succeed. Have you read the prep most people put in to getting a 170? I barely did anything compared to them. If I didn’t get in to my top choice school, the best in the country, without even needing to, maybe I would have. But why would I put in the effort otherwise? I can and do back up my talk. Read my posts - none are misleading. You consistently call me out, far more than anyone else, for anything I say on here. I don’t engage in trying to bring down others, including you, because I’m not insecure in the slightest.
  3. No, I made it clear in my last past that I didn’t about scoring past a 160. Lmao.
  4. Yup, with essentially no prep, because my practice tests all came in above 160 and I didn’t care about scoring higher. My posts don’t go against that. I wish I got to write a test like the MCAT before it.
  5. Yeah, I am only a 0L and maybe my welcome day experience was surprisingly unrepresentative of the class as a whole, but I talked to at least 15 individuals in depth, none of whom had a biglaw partner as a parent. And about 10 of those individuals still went to private school etc. I found the previous post extremely surprising, but again I have only met a small chunk of my class. I am about as opinionated and obnoxious as I am on here in real life; largely due to my identity being known, or easily identifiable, to a number of individuals I respect very much on here.
  6. OMG, scoring 170 on the LSAT would have just required me taking the test half as seriously as most other people, which is hard when it’s questions are mostly a joke. Or not having weird things happen on test day that never happened on exam days throughout undergrad. When you know you only need a 160 to get into a good LS, who cares? And that goes for a ton of other people too. It’s nothing to get cocky over (though I hope they do get cocky in some ways).
  7. Well, assuming you get a 165 or higher, your chances at Ontario law schools who consider your B2/L2 mainly are pretty good - probably 70%+. But that’s a big assumption - I barely scored under 170 on LSATs in real test conditions and still only got a 165.
  8. Totally agree with this, I definitely didn’t mean learning general legal principles and the like as preparing. To your second paragraph, more or less exactly what I meant.
  9. Based on what I have learned the to each their own part is the most important part of this. I don’t know about the not ideal bit, but I have seen preparing, and this doesn’t mean studying in advance or otherwise going crazy, work out very well for some people, but again, to each their own.
  10. But preparing is relaxing to me . And preparing is different than learning. I have a brother who just finished 1L with a lot of success, so I will likely mimic their prep and follow their advice, along with accumulating all the advice on here (somehow?) so when the time comes that I need it I can be as efficient as possible. And will also be relaxing in my own way. Appreciate this, though!
  11. Well this explains the legendary status of YB. A thread unlike any other.
  12. Are you mixing up where Osgoode is located with Toronto?
  13. This is what I was trying to get at. They must either be asking for next cycle or... Have just realized they no longer have a choice. And based on the OP not replying since it’s been questioned, I’m guessing it’s the latter rather than the former. Whoops!
  14. Is this for next cycle? To my knowledge Queen’s is known more as a family/crim school, with a larger portion of their student body interested in these areas. But the difference is marginal. I agree with Bob, what matters much more is the location/school atmosphere you like best; and if that’s Western/London than in my opinion that is where you should go.
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