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  1. Just had my status change to “Offer.” I applied on November 30th, and the December LSAT was the first one I wrote, so I was missing a score until January 2nd. My cGPA was 86% after drops based on UBC’s grades calculator (I went to UBC for undergrad), and my LSAT score was 163 for an index of 92.0.
  2. I spoke too soon. I checked the status and it changed to “Offer.” Thank you to those who replied, and good luck to others who have applied
  3. I took the LSAT in December and signed up for the February LSAT thinking that I would definitely need to retake it to have a chance at being accepted into UBC. However, I scored 163 in December, and when I use the index calculator with my cGPA (86.06% after drops), the index works out to 92 on the dot, so I don’t think I need to retake it. Would UBC delay evaluating my application if I am registered for the February LSAT? I am going to cancel it soon anyway, unless someone believes that I should take it for a better shot at admission.