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  1. Accepted yesterday! via general category GPA: 4.05/4.5, no drops LSAT: 161
  2. Can anyone clarify whether you are only eligible for entrance scholarships if you are also eligible for early acceptance? (ie. coursework completed by Sept. 2018.) That point was a bit unclear on the site, it just says "scholarships will be sent out with early offers". I don't want to bother submitting a statement if I can't get a scholarship. Thanks!
  3. The reason for the possible location switch is that my partner is in the forces and would be posted in the area. Of course, there are a ton of variables with that, which is why I'm just putting feelers out to get a sense of what transferring would be like IF that were to happen and IF I decided that Queen's was a good fit for me. The advantage to applying to Mb is that they require only 2 years of prereqs where as Queen's requires 3. I have the stats to be accepted at Queens directly (which is something I'm also considering, along with just staying at MB) but it would take an extra year of undergrad. I'm well aware of the huge commitment that LS requires. Again, I'm interested in hearing anyone's personal experiences (positive or negative) as transfer students. Another somewhat related question: How difficult would it be to get a job in Ontario (Belleville area) right after graduation in MB? I'm definitely not looking for anything Toronto/ Bay street area, I prefer small scale. Thanks for the responses!
  4. Hi all. First time posting. I'm a 0L applying in the fall fall and am considering a transfer from Manitoba to Queen's. It seems like it isn't all that common so I'm hoping this is the best place to get some first hand info. If you have transferred, what are some of the major advantages and disadvantages? What were your reasons for the switch? How difficult is the whole process? (applying, making up 1L classes, making friends, etc.). I'm trying to get a sense of how many of you out there have taken this route and am hoping to hear some first hand experiences. Thanks!
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