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  1. I was just gonna show up in a polo and jeans. It's a pub.
  2. ^^ Off waitlist, or just off referred to admissions? Also, did you get an e-mail? Congrats!
  3. Just got my rejection today, no email or letter! I just checked SOLUS. CGPA: 3.06 L2: 3.25 LSAT: 162
  4. Mine's pending as well... The nail-biting suspense that came over me when I read that people got rejected today until my SOLUS loaded was PALPABLE.
  5. Rejected with a 3.1 CGPA and a 162 LSAT Didn't receive any email, just on uozone.
  6. Was just rejected off of the deferred decision today. CGPA 3.1, L2 3.4 LSAT 162
  7. No, it will not. Give them a call and remind them that you have submitted your supplementary form on OLSAS and that your application is satisfied. If under the extra details it says they have not received your supplementary form, it means they're not going to look at you probably. I called them myself and they said it was a mess up on their side, fixed it, and I was accepted a few weeks later.
  8. I was pending review since mid-March, the dual JD deadline was April 15th, so I can only assume now they're looking through the final batch of applicants to sort out the rest of the acceptances. You've probably heard a thousand times already, but just stay patient!
  9. I checked myuwindsor last night, and I was still on referred. This morning I received an email detailing my acceptance, and it was also updated on myuwindsor as well. OLSAS hasn't updated, but I'll give them until Wednesday or Thursday. I was referred to admissions when I applied (which was mid March) almost immediately after I sent in the Dual JD form and called them to remind them it was in. I don't think that actually means anything but that you're in the queue and you're pending.
  10. Got accepted a few hours ago. CGPA: 3.1 LSAT: 162 L2: 3.5 Might actually end up going here, still waiting on my last few 'rejections' I was also waitlisted at Windsor's single JD, so I do think there is not as many people who apply to the Dual, it proved a good way to ensure that I'm going to law school this coming September.
  11. Same here. 3.1 CGPA 3.5 L2 and 162 LSAT
  12. Got it around the same time last night. 3.1 CGPA, 162 LSAT. Like all of you. Not surprised.
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