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  1. Twenty

    UVic vs. U of C

    Off topic: That's an insane number. I would have thought that falling O&G prices would negatively impact placement rates. To OP: If you're set on corporate law, I've been told Calgary has a very big corporate focus whereas Victoria does not (apparently). However, Victoria's tuition is cheaper and I suspect that if the UCP wins the upcoming election, Calgary's tuition will significantly increase. But that's just speculation.
  2. Twenty

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    I can see how that's an important consideration. The fact that U of T has a pretty set financial aid process that you can use to estimate not just your first year expenses, but potentially also your second and third year expenses is pretty great. With Osgoode, it's not certain how much you will get not just in your first year but also the subsequent years (do you have to maintain a competitive GPA for upper year scholarships? Will you obtain a competitive GPA once in law?) Although U of T will never be the cheapest choice, their financial aid was enough for me to seriously consider the school.
  3. Twenty

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    Have you used U of T's online JD Financial Aid Calculator? Depending on your parents' income and additional expenses, the costs between the two schools may be very similar after taking into account bursaries.
  4. Twenty

    Turning 30 in 1L

    As someone who is going to be a K-JD, I don't see how being older would be a negative when looking for a job. If it makes you feel better, I have the opposite concern of looking "too young" and being underestimated. But I try not to worry about that too much.
  5. Twenty

    UofT for Family law?

    In addition to DLS, U of T also has the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. It may be something you're interested in. The school does seem like it has really solid clinical programs for aspiring family lawyers. As for finances, it should be noted that U of T will have their tuition lowered by 10% (and it won't affect the bursary program a lot). According to U of T grad statistics, very few students end up in family law (between 1-3) so that may be something to consider. Whether that's a good or a bad thing, I don't know. Whether or not this trend is special to U of T or something that applies to the family law practice as a whole, I also don't know.
  6. Twenty

    JD vs McGill LLB

    Yeah, my dad was completely confused when I told him I was admitted to a JD program. At least Bachelor of Laws is easier to explain than Juris Doctor. On the plus side, I think it makes it easier for him to accept the fact that I'm not pursuing an MD.
  7. Twenty

    Accepted to Calgary 2019

    I received the email around noon! LSAT: 157 & 161 cGPA: 3.85 L2: 3.78 Finishing my fourth year. (Subjectively) unique background and work experience. U of C seems like such a supportive faculty and I feel very blessed to have an offer. However, I will most likely be declining and wish everyone the best!
  8. Twenty

    CIBC PLOC Prime + 1

    Hopefully you will have better experience than me. I'm from Alberta and all the representatives I've talked to have only offered me Prime + 1, which is ridiculous given that I keep reading about people getting better rates. I haven't talked to my personal bank yet but I think I can get a better rate given my history with them. Not sure if it's because the economy in Alberta is not so hot right now or if I need to be more assertive, but I'm not liking the fact that I seem to be getting offered the (relative) short end of the stick. Maybe I'll try different branches and even bring different pieces of supporting evidence with me.
  9. Oh boy, I can write about my thoughts on this topic forever because I just went through a roller-coaster of anxiety and self-doubt after being accepted to law school! In short, I was afraid of being the small fish in a very big pond filled with amazing overachievers. I knew I was not in the right mindset when it got to the point where I *literally* shed a tear of sadness when I found out I received an A (instead of an A+ *GASP*) in one of my finals because I genuinely felt like that was the definitive proof that I would be sub-optimal compared to my future peers. When this happened, I realized I needed to get a grip. Seriously, Twenty, get a grip. I know it sounds lame, but I ended up writing a letter to myself in order to get my thoughts in order. I felt like I lost perspective and needed to regain some of that. Ultimately, I made peace with the idea that although there is something secure about being the "smartest" person in the room, I can grow so much more by striving to be the "dumbest" person in the room (not by "dumbing myself down", but by surrounding myself with people who challenge me). And ultimately, that's something I want - even though I may have forgotten about it for a bit. I want the big pond, not the small one.
  10. Twenty

    Best 3 Calculation

    I am curious about the answer to this too. My OLSAS cGPA is 3.81 and I've only completed three full years of undergrad (in addition to taking 1 spring and 2 summer courses) so I assume my best three would be close to my cGPA. However, according to Ryn's calculator, my best three is 3.85 - which seems too high. Maybe the calculator is doing something we aren't aware of?
  11. Honestly, I'm shaking!! I got a call then an email today! cGPA: 3.81 (probably same as my best 3) LSAT: 157, 161 (not joking) Softs: These, alongside my personal statement and letters of recommendation, are definitely what made the cut for me. I applied to U of T thinking I wouldn't get in but so shocked!
  12. Twenty

    LSAT goes digital

    Ah, that'd be more reasonable. Otherwise, better invest in Microsoft Surface Go (TM) tablet to do your PTs in!
  13. Twenty

    LSAT goes digital

    Writing on a tablet feels so unnatural to me. I'd be so annoyed if I had to draw my LG diagrams digitally.
  14. Twenty

    UCalgary Chances -LSAT 152, GPA 3.98

    Can't speak to UCalgary chances, but I will offer my perspective on the LSAT. First of all, your GPA is insane. Not sure how much it will compensate for a 152, but because your GPA is so high, I don't think you'll need an *amazing* LSAT score to be competitive and because of this, it might be worth it to rewrite the LSAT at some point. Secondly, I royally sucked at LGs and would still encourage you to give the LSAT another try. I wrote the LSAT twice and in my initial test, I got fourteen questions wrong in the LG section alone. However, what's important is to ask yourself why you are not scoring very well in the LG section. If you were able to be confident in the experimental LG section, I don't think it's because you are inherently incapable of doing logic puzzles. For my case, I recognized that I was so concerned with trying to complete all four games within the allocated time that I would just bomb all four sections. When I refocused my goal to complete three of the four games, I found that I would perform better. In fact, for the November LSAT I only answered three of the puzzles and randomly bubbled my answers for the fourth game and ended up with a -5 on the section. So I don't really know how January rewrites specifically play a role in admissions but if you do rewrite the test, I think it's totally doable to improve the LG section significantly. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Twenty

    Accepted to Ottawa 2019

    Accepted December 7th. I read that UOttawa students in general are older so I was a bit insecure that my application would not stack up but I'm glad this was not the case. OLSAS cGPA: 3.81 LSAT 157 (I wrote the LSAT twice but my initial score of 157 was enough to be admitted). Background: I personally think my work experience and ECs are unique and strong (Data science / statistics) but it's subjective. General category