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  1. I just feel terrible. I’m constantly stressed out about school and job prospects. I feel like there’s so much that I don’t understand about most of my classes and my outlines and case briefs are terrible. I spend all day alone in my room either in zoom class or studying because all the libraries are closed. I barely have time for the friends I had before law school and I haven’t made any new friends here because COVID + super cliquey means I really don’t really belong anywhere. My school’s mental health services suck and it’s a pain in the ass to try and get a counselling appointment to get help. I’m lonely, stressed, depressed and not sure how much longer I can keep on going like this. Is anyone else feeling the same or am I alone in feeling like this?
  2. In queue since nov 20 lsat 158 cgpa 3.54
  3. Hi, I just finished third year and am taking the LSAT this September. Currently my PTs are getting me at around a 159 but I’m hoping for an extra push to bring it up a few more points between now and test day. My cum gpa is a 3.54, and last year I got a 3.74 with next year probably going to be around the same. Do I have good chances or do I still need to stress lots? Thanks
  4. Hi what do you guys think my chances are? I just finished third year, but I can assume that my gpa should stay around the same, maybe worst case scenario drop down to a 3.7 My 153 is from my last practice test, so there’s plenty of room for improvement there too!
  5. I'm not entirely sure yet, Queens, Ottawa, and Maybe Osgoode Hall?
  6. Hi! I'm a third year student currently trying to decide whether I should continue aiming for law school My cGPA is currently a 3.5 My GPA for this academic year is a 3.6, and is likely to be in the same ballpark next year (first year was 3.64, second was 3.2) I got a 162 on my last practice LSAT (but I guess this could probably improve a few points?) Is it worth applying to law schools in Canada, or is my GPA too low? Thanks!
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