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  1. Do we get an acceptance letter in the mail as well from Queens?
  2. Haha thanks, it's finally there, now it actually feels like I can celebrate.
  3. For anyone that recently got accepted - does your offer show up on OLSAS? I got accepted on Monday, and it still has not shown up on OLSAS (not so secretly freaking out).
  4. Anyone know how long it will take for the offer to show up on OLSAS?
  5. Accepted today. 159 LSAT/3.7 cGPA Received an email, hasn't shown up on OLSAS yet.
  6. CONGRATS! Same here, just wondering, are you able to open up the letter on the Western website?
  7. 5:45 on Tuesday April 10th: Just got accepted to Western! Beyond thankful and happy, it's my first acceptance. cgpa =3.7/4 LSAT = 159 Just a quick question though guys, on the Western tab, it says view letter, but it doesn't let me view it yet, anyone know why? J.
  8. Hey guys, My application status has finally changed to "referred to committee", super stoked, just wondering how long anyone had to wait after this status update before hearing from them? Thanks.
  9. Hey guys, Do you think it means anything that my status still is "under evaluation" and was last updated on January 04/18? Thanks.
  10. Hey guys just wondering what you think my chance of getting into Western is with an OLSAS cGPA 3.66/LSAT 159. (Also, anyone know when the next round of acceptances is?) Thank you.
  11. Hey guys just wondering what you think my chance of getting into uOttawa is with OLSAS cGPA 3.66/LSAT 159. (also, does anyone know when Ottawa's next round of acceptance letters goes out?) Thanks.
  12. Hey guys, I'm sure this question has been asked and answered already, but I'm just wondering that now that my Feb LSAT mark is on OLSAS, is there anything i need to do? Do I need to click review and submit on OLSAS again? Or contact the universities to let them know? Or, do I just wait (which is very hard to do)? Thanks guys. -J
  13. Hey guys, just wondering what you guys think my chances of getting into any of the Ont. law schools is with a 3.66 cGPA according to OLSAS (or a 3.7 according to UofT), and a 159 LSAT score for Feb. Thanks.
  14. What happens if I miss the deadline for Fall transcripts?
  15. Hi all, I was just wondering, if I'm currently still enrolled in 4th year, and my Fall marks are now out, do I have to send my transcripts again through OSLAS and pay another $12.00? Thank you in advance. -Jas
  16. Hi there, I was just wondering if you all can help determine my chances of getting into any of the law schools in Ontario. My cGPA is currently at a 3.7 (or 3.66 according to OLSAS). I am currently a fourth year student studying Criminology and Ethics at the University of Toronto. And my first LSAT score was sadly a 154, but I'm taking the test again in February (aiming realistically at least for a 157). Thank you all in advance. -JS
  17. After the LSAT score appears on OLSAS, do we have to click submit? Or, do the universities automatically have it? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi I'm freaking out, the cGPA calculated by OLSAS (3.66) is much lower than my U of T one which is 3.7. Is that normal? Thank you in advance
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