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  1. This definitely makes me concerned for my firms finances. How else can I know how the firm is doing?
  2. My firm (big national firm in Toronto) gave us a Christmas bonus of $300 and I am wondering if this seems low to anyone else? I’ve heard most firms give out a couple thousand, is that true?
  3. For what it’s worth, I very much appreciated Diplocks responses. I needed the tough love and I need to question why I’m feeling like this.
  4. I think this is exactly my problem. I went to law school because both of my parents are lawyers and it just seemed like the natural path for me. I never even contemplated doing anything else. But I also never really contemplated being a lawyer. I just knew I wanted to go to a school with bright fun people. And I loved the shit out of that. But now I’m done and I’m lost with no clue what I want. I completely recognize this is one is one of the most privileged problems to have but it has manifested itself into terrible depression and anxiety which I need to fix. I think this thread has taught me that while most people are nostalgic and sad about school ending I might have something more serious going on and I think I need to seek professional help.
  5. I guess that’s maybe where we differ. I never saw school as a means to an end. I saw it as an amazing lifestyle that I was blessed with. Now that it’s gone I don’t feel fulfilled by my job because it’s not really why I went to school. I went to school because I loved it there.
  6. This is exactly it. I used to be happy as a baseline with the occasional stress or upset. Now my baseline is just feeling average and I’m in search of happiness which is very hard with my articling hours. Glad im not alone but this thread has made my fear so much worse knowing it doesn’t get better.
  7. It’s not about learning, it’s about how good life was. Yes I loved the academic stimulation but I also loved that all of my friends were very close and also had no responsibilities, I loved that I could nap in the middle of the day if I wanted. I just think having so much free time and so little responsibility was incredibly wonderful.
  8. I thought the lack of stress of grades would be great but I have more stress about my work assignments.
  9. How do you deal with the feeling? I’m finding it to be all consuming, probably because it’s my first year.
  10. Does anyone else feel extremely depressed at the thought of never going back to school? Now that people are returning to campus and I’m stuck articling I feel really sad and anxious about my future. I absolutely loved being a student and having all of my friends so close by. The thought of working every day and getting into a monotonous routine really freaks me out. Not looking for sympathy because I have a great job and I’m lucky to be where I am. Just wondering if others feel similarly?
  11. Are OCA interviews done in any particular order? I’m the last one of the day for my school and wondering if that means anything.
  12. Fossil makes some nice ones
  13. Got a call from Justice Woods from FCA! Anyone have any tips for interviewing with her, especially for someone with 0 tax knowledge?
  14. Does anyone know how ONCA interviews get scheduled? My family wants to go away for one of the two weeks they do interviews and I’m not sure if I should join them.
  15. I would swap BLG with Norton Rose and move Gowlings up one.
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