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  1. Don't underestimate the significance of your 3.94, that's going to carry a ton of weight (and in recent years, U of T has placed more emphasis on GPA than LSAT). I think you have great chances with a strong and compelling personal statement.
  2. Hey, thanks! I got a 30K merit scholarship from Osgoode (I believe their biggest entrance scholarship), and U of T doesn't give any merit based scholarships (only need based bursaries). Hope this helps!
  3. 1. I would pretty much agree with everything @Notnotadog said, and I shared a similarly positive experience with the CDO, especially when it came to preparing for applications and interviews. I also want to add that one of my worries was that being surrounded by a bunch of "go-getters" I would have difficulty getting an appointment, and I would just be another number to them, but I never found that to be the case at all. Despite the large demand, I found that I was always able to get an appointment when I needed it, and the staff are incredibly friendly and even remember personal details about you. I even had a staff member reach out to me and send me information about an opportunity she thought I would like to apply for in the future. I don't want to paint an inaccurate picture so if anyone has had other experiences please feel free to share, but that has been my personal experience so far, and I've been very happy with the U of T CDO. 2. Yes, absolutely. I think this was actually one of the biggest things that contributed to my imposter syndrome in first semester. There are definitely the same few people that tend to try to overpower class discussions, and how disruptive or annoying it is really depends on the specific professor's class control. But, I definitely don't think this is unique to U of T at all, I really think this is something you'll get anywhere, and have heard similar remarks from my friends at other law schools. The advice I'd give regarding this is that it can seem really overwhelming when people around you are confident enough to constantly contribute and make bold statements in class, and it made me personally feel like I was inferior for not doing the same. But you'll quickly see that the amount that someone contributes to discussion often has nothing to do with the kind of grades they get or how much they understand the material. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of brilliant people here, and I am often so impressed at the opinions and perspectives that my classmates offer up in discussion, but just remember that just because someone is always talking, doesn't mean they are necessarily ahead of you and your understanding, sometimes they just want to hear the sound of their own voice. The sooner you realize that, the sooner that intimidation disappears.
  4. From my casual knowledge, before covid, almost all of my classmates had really cool law related jobs lined up for the summer, even if they weren't officially through the 1L recruit. U of T specifically funds tons of opportunities for their 1L students. And in the wake of covid, U of T created over 60 new research assistant positions for students who lost their jobs. I can't speak to how it is at other schools, but as a 1L student at U of T, you should be pretty confident in having something cool to do that summer. Like @Notnotadog, I also turned down a large scholarship from Osgoode to pick U of T instead and I absolutely have 0 regrets. I can't say for sure whether or not I would have had the same opportunities if I picked Osgoode instead, but I love U of T and the reaction I get from employers and other lawyers when they ask me which school I go to is very noticeable in my opinion. I'm not sure if this is a relevant consideration or not for you but it takes off SO much stress to know you still have so many opportunities available to you just by being an average student. I know lots of people who got on Bay Street or other prestigious positions with just average marks. I think this is definitely at least somewhat related to being a U of T student.
  5. For future reference I got my early move in date approved today for early August
  6. Hey everyone! I accepted my offer to live in grad house and I requested an earlier move-in date of around a week before classes actually start. However, I was told that unless I get approved for this earlier move-in date, I’ll have to wait until September 1st which would obviously not be ideal. Can anyone who has lived in grad house speak to how likely it is to be approved for an early move-in? And if so, how far in advance were you notified? Just trying to get some more information so I can start solidifying my plans! Thank you
  7. Does anyone know if we still need to submit them even if we’ve firm accepted our offers and paid the tuition deposit already?
  8. I have no clue if I did or not.. I especially don’t remember declaring anything on my application! 😕
  9. Oh wait.. I wonder if that’s my application fee being credited back since I accepted my offer? Does anyone know about this?
  10. I think that’s everything you’re supposed to do! If your account is credited $500, I would assume it means they received the deposit because mine doesn’t say that yet since I only submitted it yesterday! Mine says $100 though which I find really strange ... I don’t even know what that could be for
  11. I accepted mine a week ago and it doesn’t say offer expired, it just says “provisionally accepted.” I changed it to a firm acceptance yesterday but it still never said anything about it being expired! Maybe you should call olsas just to make sure nothing went wrong?
  12. Thank you !! I just got an email to the account I registered to OLSAS (so just my Gmail)
  13. Really? Isn’t it just that estimate form? Because it didn’t seem that bad to me! Or is there a lot more that you need to fill out? I’m just worried because if I don’t get around the amount that was estimated, I’ll be pretty stressed out about financing it lol
  14. Yeah I figured as much! UPDATE for anyone in the future: I asked them just because I figured it was worth a shot, and they said that U of T specifically only offers bursaries strictly based on need, and they don't have any merit based scholarships! They are quite generous amounts though
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