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  1. I have a cgpa of 3.99 (with a 4.0 L2)/160 and I got a really large scholarship ($20K and renewable to $40k) from Western! I also got roughly 15K from Queens. I know others who have received the same or similar at both of those schools with a lower LSAT than yours as well. Not sure if this helps with your decision! Edit: probably should mention that these were both merit based scholarships!
  2. e0813

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    So I'm in the exact same boat as you (originally dead set on Osgoode but then an unexpected acceptance from U of T changed everything) and I thought I'd share my decision making process if it may be of any help to you or anyone else on here! The way I see it, there are enormous pros to both schools and at the end of the day you truly can't go wrong with either one. So when I found myself comparing pros, I just kept confusing myself more. I honestly do not feel equipped to commit to a certain direction of law at this point, which makes it even harder for me to pick the school that I feel will provide me with the most opportunities for my needs and interests. For that reason, I've decided to make a list of which areas of law where I reasonably feel like I would be disadvantaged by going to U of T over Osgoode. While it may be hard to narrow down my interests because I have so many, I find it so much easier to know what I don't like. It really helps put it into perspective that there are so many opportunities at both schools, but if you feel like Osgoode would only potentially disadvantage you on topics you don't even like, then it makes your choice of going to U of T so much easier! When I did this myself, I realized that while Osgoode might have more clinical/experiential opportunities, the areas where I feel like they have a leg up over U of T are just not areas that I'm interested in. For this reason, I'm personally leaning towards U of T just because I know I would be much happier living downtown and they also have so many amazing opportunities that I'm interested in! Obviously I'm going to wait until I go to both of the welcome days and probably do a bit more research, but that's my current thought process. However, this might be totally different for you if you feel like the areas where Osgoode can provide more opportunity are areas that you are interested in, and if I was in that position, it's something I would seriously consider. I'm not sure if this helps, but I hope it does! Good luck with your decision making
  3. Good point!! I will definitely do that, thanks!
  4. The offer is on both OLSAS and OASIS! Do you think I still should?
  5. e0813

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Accepted a while ago actually but never got an email and only recently noticed it on my OASIS! cGPA: 3.99 L2: 4.0 LSAT: 160 Good luck to everyone waiting! (and maybe monitor your OASIS more closely if you want to save yourself the unnecessary stress I caused myself 😂)
  6. I hadn’t provisionally accepted anywhere! But I checked OASIS and realized I actually had an offer but just hadn’t got an email!? So weird right!? Looks like I was stressing for nothing!
  7. I’m shocked you haven’t heard back yet tbh! It kinda makes me feel better when I hear of others in this situation because it makes me less worried that there was something inherently wrong with my app! I have a 3.99 cgpa with a 4.0 L2 and a 160 and I’ve heard back from every school I applied to on the first day of acceptances (even U of T which shocked me) but still not Oz even though I’ve been in queue since mid November. But I also know of a few others with similar stats to mine or better who haven’t heard back from Oz yet either if that helps you feel better! I even felt like I had strong ECs and PS (especially if it got me into U of T with my lsat 😂) but I mean I guess I’ll have to just wait and see! It’s still pretty early in the cycle though so hopefully we hear back soon! Good luck
  8. e0813

    Fall Grades

    I selected "end of term-fall" just to be safe even though I saw mine on my unofficial transcript! I just checked and it was received by OLSAS today just 2 days after requesting it I'm sure either one will work though!
  9. Thank you! But omg that's so long! I literally couldn't do more than 5-6 timed sections per day MAX (so like 4 hours ish) and even then I felt myself starting to burn out... at this point if you understand the fundamentals maybe just do 4-6 timed sections per day or even less if you feel yourself improving a lot (because you don't want to overdo it)! Again, that's just my personal strategy so ultimately do what feels best for you
  10. Yeah, I personally found the timed individual sections the most helpful! Again I didn't do amazing, but I honestly was pretty happy with my score (160) just because I couldn't even break mid 150s until a week and a half before the real test! Also in my opinion, the LSAT is largely a mental game too. I stopped studying 4 days before the test and I honestly feel like that helped me so much. You need to be in the right mental space to do well and be careful not to burn yourself out/stress too much! Again, good luck!
  11. I also agree that 15 days is actually a solid amount of time if you just need to improve speed! If you have the fundamentals down, just keep drilling through (but obviously don't burn yourself out). If it's any comfort I could not break into the 160s until less than a week before the test because I was so slow and wasn't doing full timed tests as much as I should have. I did a bunch of timed drills of sections though and went from finishing 2 games to all 4 consistently, finishing 18-21 LR to finishing whole sections with time left over, and from 2 passages to 3 (could never get to 4) for RC, all in probably about a week of just doing timed drill after timed drill. The real LSAT was my 6th full length lsat test I ever wrote... probably not the best idea in hindsight but it ended up working out okay for me so there is definitely hope! Good luck!
  12. I have nothing to add, but if it helps I’m in the exact same boat! I’ve heard back from every other school I’ve applied to on the very first day of acceptances (U of T, Queens, Western and Ottawa) but still nothing from Osgoode! Your stats are amazing though, so that definitely makes me feel better that I haven’t heard back yet either!
  13. e0813

    Acceptance Deadlines

    Yeah! I know that’s how it works on OLSAS! Was it an Ontario school that gave you a deadline of February 7th? Because all of my acceptances have a deadline of April 1st! 😯
  14. e0813

    Acceptance Deadlines

    If you provisionally accept the offer you already have, then it will still leave your other applications open (that you haven’t heard from yet) to the possibility of recieving offers at the other schools Maybe ask the school you were accepted to if a provisional acceptance fulfils the requirement of a “reply” to the offer of admission!?
  15. e0813

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    Me too! L2/B2: 4.0 CGPA: 3.99 LSAT: 160