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  1. I provisionally accepted my offer to queen's a couple of days ago (selecting that I would still like to be considered for osgoode) but I just received an email from queens that congratulates me for confirming my acceptance. I've looked on OASIS and I appear to still be in queue - so as far as I'm aware I havent yet been rejected from osgoode. Does this mean that my decision has been made for me? or possibly that a rejection from osgoode is forthcoming? I would definitely appreciate any insights on this.
  2. Post in the facebook group!
  3. In! cgpa: 3.48 L2: 3.9 LSAT: 160
  4. What do your ECs/LORs look like if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. A very small part of me is a little happy about this because up until now I hadn’t received any confirmation that my application had been received (despite the 2 emails I sent inquiring)
  6. I also received that email, mine said that the breach took place on the 16th though. Does anybody know if there are any potential ramifications that could occur from people having access to this information (name, program, Student Number, OUAC number, gender, birthdate (if provided), LSAC number, decisions (where available), LSAT score, GPA, admit value, and Aboriginal status)?
  7. does anybody who's been accepted know anything about if/when their verifiers were contacted?
  8. EDIT: L2 is 3.9**** wondering what my chances are... my ECs are pretty good as is my essay
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