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  1. Congratulations! I suspect it could also be that Osgoode historically receives more applications, therefore taking their admissions staff longer to peruse them? Either way, we made it to law school!
  2. Thank you, all! I got my call on Friday! Very excited for this new journey, especially since U of T was my preferred choice. Oddly enough, haven't heard back from Osgoode... despite the social justice and public interest focus in my ECs, personal statement and optional essay. I suppose I shouldn't have bought into the stereotypes about the two schools (i.e. U of T having a corporate law and numbers focus, and Osgoode taking a holistic view of applications) so readily!
  3. Thank you both! I wish predicting were more of a calculable science than a fickle art, so I'd know whether rewriting in February (and scoring higher than 165) would secure me a spot. But other posts -- and my own conversations with U of T admissions -- indicate that they do frown upon 3+ rewrites, unless you score than least 5 points more than the previous test. I've got my fingers crossed though!
  4. Only Osgoode, aside from U of T; we recently moved back to Toronto for my husband's job and I'm starting a new role in the provincial government next week. If I don't get into either school for 2018, I'll try again for the year after, with -- hopefully -- a strong(er) LSAT score.
  5. Hi all! Attempting to predict my chances at getting into U of T with these stats: - Mature applicant - OLSAS CGPA: 3.58; B3: 3.7 - LSAT: 158, 165 - MSc. from an Ivy League school - Worked full-time as a journalist before I joined the UN in a communications role - Strong ECs and PS (work experience, being an immigrant and mother) Debating whether I should rewrite the LSAT in February to increase my chances (especially with a weaker, less competitive GPA). Part of me says the 1/3 U of T admissions staff give weight to (i.e. personal statements and life experience) should give me an edge... then the niggling self-doubt interrupts my train of lacklustre convincing! Thanks in advance for weighing in!
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