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  1. @LawStudent1996 Thanks for your perspective! Unfortunately I was out of town during the Osgoode open house so I really appreciate your view. I’ve generally recieved the same view as yours with regards to Osgoode. Plenty grads say they had a close community - but I find it hard to believe a significantly larger class with mostly commuter students is comparable to Western’s student body. I think just about wherever people attend they’ll make that contention. Had an Ottawa student tell me he felt super close with all his classmates because the school broke the 300 students into smaller groups of about 70... I think the Western Facebook group and ambassadors kind of speak for themselves. There are current students providing housing recommendations and whatnot, as well as offering students personal tours on their own time. Pretty awesome.
  2. Lsat 162 GPA 3.9 Currently I am considering between Osgoode and Western - but I am also hoping on a response from UofT this month (thoughts on my chances based on my stats?) My hope is to head to Toronto after graduation, mostly as it seems experience in a competitive Toronto firm leaves as many opportunities for work open as possible. First off, if I get a Toronto acceptance, is there any doubt I should accept? I’ve looked at job distribution in Toronto firms by school over the past few years and it seems Toronto provides significantly higher placement than other schools. Ultravires.ca has stats on this over several years: (http://ultravires.ca/2015/11/2016-summer-student-hiring/) Now, if I don’t happen to recieve a UofT acceptance, I’m left debating between Osgoode and Western. Unfortunately most of the graduates I speak to generally tout their own school’s excellent program and recommend it over the other, so I’m not quite sure what to think. Stats over the last few years have gone back and forth on these schools with regards to Toronto placement. (In 2014 Western edged out osgoode, in 2013 the opposite occured. That being said in 2017 Osgoode outdid western by 3 percentage points: http://ultravires.ca/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Recruitment-Special.pdf) Depending on who I ask, some graduates contend that being in Toronto helps a ton with networking in the city, while some downplay that advantage and suggest that as long as I’m a competitive student it doesn’t quite matter where I’m from. I’ve spoken to lawyers working in Toronto firms - some have said they see few if any Western grads, (admittedly this is the view of Osgoode grads usually - and given the small class of western it would make sense that there would be less western grads in any given firm) while some have seen pretty diverse school backgrounds with many from Western. I love the Western campus, and have heard pretty nasty things about the Osgoode campus. I love the small class sizes that Western offers - but have heard that Osgoose provides more clinical opportunities for experience. I’ve also recieved a sizeable scholarship from Western and not from Osgoode. Any advice/thoughts you guys might have on this would be massively appreciated!
  3. So upon submitting my OLSAS application, I indicated that planned future lsat dates would include the December and February Dates. I've written the December date, and may choose to no longer write the Februrary date. Can I delete this planned date? Will this cause law schools to not consider my application until the february date? Will it hurt me if I don't write the February test date even though I indicated that I planned on doing so? Thanks!
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