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  1. This is wrong for UOttawa. Students can opt-in to pass/fail, at which point it has to be for all courses, or can continue with an alphanumeric grade
  2. Hi everyone, I thought instead of checking every thread re: COVID-19 and grades, it could be easier to have a single thread talking about it. So, once you get direction from your school, could someone comment on here what they are doing re: finals (i.e. pass/fail for everyone, alphanumeric, students' choose)? I'm at UOttawa, and they've decided 1Ls: can either take their midterm mark as their final mark, OR write the final, and then decide when they receive their grade whether to keep their grade or do pass/fail for that course. Upper years: can opt-in to pass/fail for ALL their courses before the start of finals. Thanks!!! And don't forget to stay inside everyone! Stay safe and sane xx
  3. I had great references (one has the Order of Canada) and tons of research and conference experience, and I do a competitive sport and have provincial championships and national scholarships from it. Idk if that helps. Good luck!!!
  4. I'm in! GPA: 3.6 LSAT: 161, 160 Out of province (idk if that's relevant or not) Will be accepting!
  5. Accepted earlier in December but I didn't check until after Christmas lol LSAT: 161, 160 GPA: 3.60 Last name: M strong reference letters (one has the Order of Canada), lots of research experience, honours in not your typical pre-law degree Good luck everyone!!!!
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