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  1. Perhaps I should retake my lsat then. Thank you this has been helpful.
  2. Im curious about my chances in any Canadian Law school. CGPA 3.15 Lsat 160 Double Major in Political Science and History. Trilingual - English, French, and Spanish. Softs - All done simultaneously while in University. VP of Students Union for 3 years. (been on many university committees as well) Director of a 160 million dollar a year corporation (can't name company). Started my own company to try and make some money to pay off my degree. Acquired an insurance license and worked in insurance. In total 2-3 jobs and run my own company while in school. Thinking about getting my MBA before I apply too. and lots of other volunteer work in political parties, and many other leadership positions in my community. I am currently 22 years old. Recent Grad
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