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  1. whistler

    Chances? Help! [3.15, 160]

    Perhaps I should retake my lsat then. Thank you this has been helpful.
  2. whistler

    Chances? Help! [3.15, 160]

    its about the same maybe 3.2 CGPA
  3. Im curious about my chances in any Canadian Law school. CGPA 3.15 Lsat 160 Double Major in Political Science and History. Trilingual - English, French, and Spanish. Softs - All done simultaneously while in University. VP of Students Union for 3 years. (been on many university committees as well) Director of a 160 million dollar a year corporation (can't name company). Started my own company to try and make some money to pay off my degree. Acquired an insurance license and worked in insurance. In total 2-3 jobs and run my own company while in school. Thinking about getting my MBA before I apply too. and lots of other volunteer work in political parties, and many other leadership positions in my community. I am currently 22 years old. Recent Grad