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  1. Merry Christmas you guys! I'm looking for some advice for an upcoming dilemma. I was recently presented with the opportunity to join a group of close friends in Southeast Asia to volunteer at a non-profit and then backpack for 3 weeks, either in July or August 2018. The problem is that this would land smack into the middle of my studying. I'm planning on self-studying intensely for 4 months next summer (May-September 2018) before taking the September 8, 2018 write. I won't have any commitments other than possibly some work, but this wouldn't exceed more than 20 hours a week. From what I've read, it's beneficial for some to take a week or two off and come back to studying with a fresh mind. As this would be my first write, I was wondering if anyone's experiences would be able to chime in on if this long of a break would be too detrimental? Thanks!
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