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  1. Great! Thank you so much for all your help
  2. Who's Carrie Carr? and how could I find her email?
  3. When did you get a reply? I still haven't, so I re-sent them another email :l
  4. I mean I would love to work in crim law, but I'm a little concerned about money since you mentioned it now. Do you know anything about family law? I'm debating between the 2, but I also love criminal law..
  5. Will emailing work too? I emailed the admissions office but they're closed -.-
  6. Wow thankss! Do you regret choosing criminal law or not really? Money wise, do you think it's different for the US? Do you think criminal practitioners make more money in the US since there are more criminal situations happen there?
  7. Thank you soo much! I keep seeing these terms in every law forum and I'm like what are these lol
  8. Guys I feel so stupid for asking this but what do B3 and L1/2 mean?!
  9. I've heard Osgoode may be one of the best when it comes to criminal law, but I want to keep my options open. Could criminal law students tell me what they think about their school? Which school do you guys think is the best to study criminal law?
  10. Thankss! I emailed them and it said the university is closed until January 2nd
  11. Guys, I still haven't received a confirmation email or the instructions on how to sign in... What should I do?! Help me please!!
  12. That's a good point.. Honestly, try not to contradict your answers and explain why, in addition to Canadian law, you want to and suitable to learn American law
  13. I think you just have to fill in the line provided for you.. That's what I did. And yes, I'm guessing it needs to be different as Windsor Dual JD program also looks at the same answers as for JD program
  14. Have you guys received an email from Windsor saying "your application had been received and you can check it on Windsor website"? The only email I ever received from Windsor was the invitation to information session happening on January 10th...
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