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  1. When I applied for housing the guarentee was still there for law students 2018-2019 as long as the application was in before April 30th I will keep this in mind!
  2. Can any U of A students or alumni comment on the pros and cons of housing at either? This is the list I have so far Alder house (law application) Pros Live with other law students Live super close to the law building Guarenteed spot in alder house (there was a caveat that the application has to be in by April 31st) Cons expensive (think it was 900 a month?) 11 month lease - this pretty much means I should look for summer work in Edmonton Residence Saint Jean *Have a solid french background - will improve through summer french camp Pros Live in a french environment (i.e. maintain and improve level of french) Approximately $700/month - 8 month lease Access to another social group outside of law in Edmonton (from BC) Cons Housing officer told me that chances of me getting a spot at RSJ are slim (generally reserved for 1st year undergrads) and I would be giving up my Alder house application Partying 18 year olds (25 this year. The oldest that RSJ applicants can apply, which also means this will be the last time I will ever be able to apply to RSJ) Further away from the law building (20 minute by bus) Balancing 1L workload and returning to dorms to a different language (added stressor) Does this become a question of how much I value my french education over the cons? Would I be better served by applying to RSJ for housing, discarding my alder house application, and look for housing off campus if RSJ falls through (L2 roommate off campus)?
  3. lobito

    U of A vs TRU?

    From both official school tuition calculators $20,943.17 (https://www.tru.ca/campus/money/costs.html) - $13,423.80 (https://apps.admissions.ualberta.ca/costcalculator/static/public/index.html#) $7,517.37 a year X 3 $22,558.11 saved by going to U of A.
  4. lobito

    Accepted to TRU 2018

  5. lobito

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    Thanks. December 2017 LSAT.
  6. lobito

    Rejected From Calgary 2018

    Rejected last week l2 - 3.86/4.00 lsat - 156 Decent softs. I really messed up on the personal statement and made spelling/grammar errors in my work experience portion of the application. Not too surprised about this rejection based on those errors. In at TRU and Alberta though so theres that. *Quick little edit on why I made those mistakes - Calgary was my final application and I tried to rush to the finish line with my law school apps. For prospective law students that haven't applied yet, please take your time on the PS and make sure there are no errors in your application. Especially with a school as holisitic as Calgary.
  7. lobito

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    Accepted yesterday L3 or last 90 - 3.85/4.33 LSAT - 156 (one write) Work experience throughout undergrad, Decent ECs and personal statement. Really good reference letters. Haven't firmly made mind on U of A or TRU but heavily leaning towards U of A because of tuition difference* (22,000 difference for the degree according to both website tuition calculators) If I do give up this seat for U of A, hopefully one of you guys get it.
  8. lobito

    Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Accepted this afternoon. 3.77/4.00 (87 credits) or 3.86/4.00 (74 credits) *depending on where they cutoff my GPA I went to a percentage school so they might have converted my GPA differently 3.85/4.33 (87 credits) = 83% = 3.8/4.0 or 3.95/4.33 (74 credits) = 85% = 4.00/4.00 LSAT: 156 I'm really surprised to hear back this early based on my low LSAT score!
  9. lobito

    Chances? L2 GPA 3.95/4.33 LSAT 156

    @Toad you are right. I misread the post that you are referring to. Since this is the case (assuming things haven't changed) than my GPA (87 credits) falls down to 3.77/4.00 LSAT weighted (3.77 * 22) + 156 = 238.94 (If LSAT weighted I'm out for this cycle). GPA weighted (3.77*22.5) +156 = 240.825 (I barely squeak in (based on the 2017 accepted index score thread where the lowest accepted index score was 240.75 min) , unless this cycle is more competitve). Hopefully Heather will be able to confirm my GPA when she receives my fall transcripts. Long story short.... I guess my entire chances of getting in this cycle are on the cycle being 1) GPA Weighted 2) As competitve (not more) than last cycle). Worse case scenario I don't get in and I apply for next cycle where my last 60 credits will be calculated differently as I'm finishing 9 credits this semester (68 credit calculation instead of 87), as well as rewriting the lsat. The hardest part is the wait...
  10. lobito

    Chances? L2 GPA 3.95/4.33 LSAT 156

    Thanks for your reply! I converted my GPA grade by grade going back 74 credits (my cutoff was 58 and I had to add one more semester with 16 credits). The calculated GPA was 3.86/4.00. LSAT weighted (3.86 * 22) + 156 = 240.9 GPA weighted (3.86*22.5) +156 = 242.85 The entire caveat of this index score, as well as my chances of getting accepted this year, is entirely dependent on where U of A cuts my GPA. The added 16 credits that I discussed are from a winter semester. if they decide to go back even further into the previous fall semester (13 more credits totalling 87 credits), I would take a hit in my GPA and not hit the index score threshold. I.e. this is dependent on how U of A defines an academic session. Do they stop with that winter semester (74 credits) or go that extra 13 credits more to "keep the session together?" I searched up the forums and it seems like they would stop at my 74th credit as a session seems to be defined as a semester and not the entire academic year. However, this is assuming things have not changed, and for my sake I really hope they haven't.
  11. What are my chances based on my stats? L2 GPA 3.95/4.33 LSAT 156 I'm worried how my GPA will convert from my university's 4.33 scale to U of A's 4.00 scale. I will send Heather an email, but she won't be able to confirm my GPA until my transcripts with my fall grades arrive at U of A.