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  1. soulmeetsbody12

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was waiting for this post since I got mine, I'm so happy you got in too. Celebrate lots =)
  2. soulmeetsbody12

    Crowsnest/ Apartment

    I actually went to see one yesterday and it was a bit of a shoe-box for the price. Agreed on the isolation and stuff. I am on 17 ave right now and am really pondering if I should be moving at all right now. My lease comes up soon and I am thinking being super close to U of C for 1L is going to help me, but not sure at what cost. Then comes the whole "should I buy arts parking vs live in Brentwood shoe-box" Choices choices! Good luck everyone
  3. soulmeetsbody12

    Dean's open house

    I agree with the last post, awesome event. I was able to pester the profs and some students and got both sides of the coin. Everyone seems really great and I'm happy to be attending in September. It still seems overwhelming but some of the faculty speeches were so amazing and had me so pumped to participate, it vastly outweighs anything else. The people running the clubs, etc. seem very open. I love the sense of community and I am hoping to make some really good friends come September. See you all there =)
  4. soulmeetsbody12

    Dean's open house

    Out of curiosity, who all is wearing a suit and tie? I know it's a superficial thing, but I'm not sure what to wear
  5. soulmeetsbody12

    Entrance Awards?

    Hey all, Did anyone get their 'Entrance Awards' decisions yet? I think they said by the end of March for those already admitted, but I haven't heard anything back. Maybe I'll be paying full price this year, lol! Thanks!
  6. soulmeetsbody12

    Dean's open house

    I'm going to go for sure, would love to know what to expect, but excited either way!
  7. soulmeetsbody12

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    LSAT: 166 - 2nd write. First one I wrote bombed completely. cGPA/L2: This one is tough, as I did school overseas. WES pegs me at 3.7-3.8, but from what I gather, U of C does a straight 1:1 conversion, so 3.3 probably. My years were all consistent. EC: Extensive volunteering and community advocacy, lots in the court too. Work Experience: This is what I think got me in, years of solid executive level experience with recommendations from CEOs. I applied regular category. I have a accepted and paid the deposit. I thought for sure, that I wouldn't get into U of C because of my GPA or the fact I wrote the LSAT twice with a terrible first try. They are definitely holistic as on paper I know I'm not nearly as good as some of the people who have shared their stats on here. I honestly wish everyone the best and hope you all get into your schools of choice, and am crossing my fingers for you all.
  8. soulmeetsbody12

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    You and me both! I was really expecting to hear back on Friday, seems the historical thing beginning of Feb... but nothing so far. Seems Fridays are a big day, but who knows...
  9. soulmeetsbody12

    Rejection Timeline?

    Me too, 3 weeks and counting. I feel like time somehow is moving slower since the circle went green. Haha
  10. soulmeetsbody12

    Rejection Timeline?

    I think that would make sense but speaking from a logistical sense, keeping in mind rolling admission, I'm not sure if it's likely. I have seen a waitlist and acceptance come out in that sequence, so I don't think so. But I'm sure as rolling offers approach expiry, new admission rounds get accelerated. It's quite opaque from what I'm reading. I still can't quite figure it out. Been seeing some waitlisted that have higher stats, EC, etc. than some accepted. I've given up trying to figure it out to ease my nerves, lol.
  11. soulmeetsbody12

    How are admission file orders determined

    U of S looks at special considerations in May, other than that it seems they weigh GPA more heavily than LSAT according to their info, but their stats may seem otherwise. U of C seems completely random.
  12. soulmeetsbody12

    Application process

    Just an update - TRU staff sent me a response to my inquiry about my application and confirmed they have everything they need. Looks like they're slowly getting un-bogged =) . .
  13. soulmeetsbody12

    Any Chance? L2 4.0/4.3 LSAT155 UNB Alumni

    It seems the UNB connection is a huge thing, I'd feel pretty good about your chances =)
  14. soulmeetsbody12

    Chances? [3.0 / no LSAT]

    That's kind of the point I was making... Except for your last sentence. That actually, is just 100 percent false. I know lots of people who are very smart (far smarter than I) who tried and couldn't do that. I think they'd be hurt by that comment. Sorry.
  15. soulmeetsbody12

    Chances? [3.0 / no LSAT]

    Untimed I was getting 178-180 consistently with probably double the time per section. I'm really not good with timed stuff. Unfortunately for me, untimed predictions meant nothing. I did about 10 timed tests with a physical proctor for the full test (I owe my partner lots for suffering with me lol). Exact test sims,, writing on a scan tron (so that over time that doesn't trigger nerves on test day), the 1 minute warning sometimes being missed (to rely on your watch), and with simulated distractions (doesn't take much, I live downtown). I finally wrote and fell within the low of my predicted score (166), which was a very tight spread with that many tests for data points. This also helped me focus on the sections I needed help in. Understand that it's a marathon. I don't know a marathon where endurance isn't a top factor. It is fatiguing (was for me). Build your endurance to write this test. Don't add too many distractions. Some paper ruffling will piss you off sufficiently =) It actually got to a point that I was doing games for fun on the couch in my spare time. Hopefully I don't have to write that test again and get an offer this year. LOL With a 3.0, from what I read, you will need to probably score above 168, but realistically 170+ depending on what school you want and how they see your undergrad program. Otherwise, alternative admissions categories, etc. could help you (mature, special considerations). Good luck!