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  1. On FB search Robson Hall Class of 2021.. then select groups and it will appear. Right there is only 1 member the admin person who started it. It is a closed group. I selected join group and have a pending request.
  2. I would join also. Sounds like a good idea!
  3. I m in! More relieved then anything. For everyone one who got in this time congrats and look forward to seeing you and for those who missed this time keep the faith and keep trying!!
  4. Sorry to hear that !keep trying
  5. Sorry to hear that Lazslo keep the faith !
  6. I feel Homer when he was waiting to get his gun....waiting is the hardest part...you tube it ..its hilarious.
  7. Well all we made it through another day. Only two possible days left. Hang in there everyone.
  8. I think it will be today. I am guessing 10am central time.Good luck. Have a good flight!.Bring headphones and watch a movie to try to distract yourself!
  9. LOL Nice! Thank you!
  10. I am assuming she is task with sending the offers exclusively. I hate to say it but I would guess that Wednesday is a likely target date as opposed to today.
  11. The female beside Dr. Ireland asked me the questions about coping with the more challenging course load. By the far most challenging questions came from her.
  12. That was the same set up as mine
  13. I think the second year was the man beside the third year woman. He had a well trimmed beard and nice suit.