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  1. Congratulations!!! Admittedly I'm confused (and a little jealous!) because I was ranked #5 and haven't heard anything. Does anyone know how offers from the waitlist work? Edit: 30 minutes after I posted this I got an acceptance email! Congrats to those accepted from the waitlist and good luck to everyone else!
  2. Hmmm ok, thanks. Would this also apply to out of province schools? (I'm also on the waitlist at uvic)
  3. Hi! I've been accepted to Queen's and have been waitlisted at Osgoode (where I would prefer to go). My provisional acceptance to Queen's automatically becomes firm on July 3, but I'm unclear what happens if I haven't yet heard back from Osgoode at that time. I wanted to check if anyone here has any insight before contacting Osgoode directly. Thanks in advance!
  4. accepted today! just got the email! CGPA 3.56 L2/B2 4.0 163 Master's degree
  5. I seem to remember reading on here that the waitlist is eventually ranked. If this is true, will we be informed of our waitlist spot or should we be emailing to find out?
  6. I also just received a waitlist email. Not entirely sure what my GPA is on the 4.33 scale and with drops, but my OLSAS cgpa is 3.56 with L2/B2 4.0. 163 LSAT and a master's degree.
  7. A significant bummer. In that case, anyone know what the odds are of getting accepted off the waitlist?
  8. Waitlisted on the 26th (no email, just an update on OASIS) cGPA: 3.56 L2: 4.0 LSAT: 163 Does anyone know when we find out our waitlist ranking?
  9. In queue since January 10 CGPA: 3.6 L2: 4.0 Masters: 4.0 LSAT: 163 (Also, everyone is posting their L2 but i was under the impression Osgoode only looked at cgpa. Does anyone have any insight?)
  10. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows when UBC typically stops admitting students and/or putting students on the waitlist, because I've heard different things from different people. Anyone have any insight on this? Thanks!
  11. Hi all, Now that the February LSAT scores are in I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of the admissions timeline, particularly for those who wrote the February LSAT (like me). I was told that the waitlist people are informed in early May but this could be wrong. Anyone have any insight about when to expect to hear about acceptance or waitlist? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone is familiar with UBC GPA conversion when there are excluded and uncredited classes in one's transcript that have a letter grade. Their website states "we consider all completed courses leading to your first undergraduate degree" but I'm not sure if excluded/uncredited classes count toward this. Does anyone have any knowledge of how this works? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has had OLSAS include credits in their GPA calculation that are marked as "Excluded" (or uncredited) on their undergrad transcript. All credits from my first year of undergrad study are marked as Excluded and are uncredited because I transferred programs after second year, but the letter grade is still on my transcript. It looks as though OLSAS has included these grades in my GPA calculation (which isn't great, because they pull my GPA down). I've emailed them and haven't heard back yet. Am I doomed to have these credits included, to the detriment of my GPA? Or was this an oversight on their part, and they'll exclude them from the calculation? Any opinions/advice would be appreciated, as I'm not feeling so great about this situation! Thanks
  14. I can't speak directly to your chances, but from what I've read elsewhere on this board historically an index score below 90.something won't cut it. Also, if you're applying to the General category apparently they don't take your PS into account at all. Good luck! Hope this helps!
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