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  1. Not sure what law school you're at but UVic's careers office is pretty candid with students about who has sent out interviews (provided that they know that info, which they often learn from other students)
  2. Apparently Watson Goepel is calling today.
  3. What makes you say that? Still a number of firms that haven't been reported
  4. Yeah I haven't heard from WorkSafe either. They sent their ITCs out later in the day so who knows what kind of schedule they're on! I wouldn't worry too much about it! They're also government, so the order in which they call is probably alphabetical or random.
  5. Did you receive an ITC from Watson? (it doesn't look like anyone on this thread did, so wanted to check)
  6. Has anyone heard from Watson Goepel?
  7. Incidentally, I can be the first to post on my own thread. BCGEU's interviews went out today.
  8. I don't think anyone has started this yet, so figured I would get this going in advance of ITCs starting on Tuesday. Hopefully we can keep each other updated here. Best of luck to all!
  9. I mean, the ~25% of 110 students is severely misleading because not all 110 students applied for OCIs. In fact, I'd venture that only around half of last year's 2L class did, if not less.
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