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  1. I currently go to goodlife in my hometown, but the Rideau center one isnt 24 hour correct? Also does this location have parking available do you know? I've found parking anywhere in Ottawa is a nightmare
  2. Hey guys, I was looking at the gym memberships and it seems to be included in the undergraduate tuition, but I'm confused about what it means for law students. Anyone know any information about this/pricing if it is not included? Thanks!
  3. Hello! Just wondering if anyone can share their experience in choosing their small group bloc... There are quite a few to choose from and I'm unsure as to how to narrow down my choices as a lot of the course schedules are similar. I am going into the program with an interest in criminal law, so I initially thought I should choose crim as my small group. However I've also heard that you should choose small group based on things you dont know much about, which for me would be torts. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. I'm having trouble finding the blocs on the enrollment page as I would like to put them in my shopping cart as well... Can you explain to me how you went about this?
  5. I realize neither specialize in it, but unfortunately these are my only two options right now. Thank you for the input!
  6. Accepted at U of Ottawa, waitlisted at Western and wondering which is better for someone who is most interested in criminal law? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, These parking maps are like reading Greek to me. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with parking at the UOttawa campus/pricing/best options? Im looking at apartments in Gatineau right now and its saying about 10 minutes to drive versus 42 minutes on the busses... So I'd prefer to drive but if parking is going to be a nightmare ... you know? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  8. Disappointed but happy to finally hear back so I can firm accept Ottawa. 3.85/157
  9. In queue since NOVEMBER 😭 cgpa 3.85, 157 I need answers so I can start planning my life
  10. Also still waiting, and devastated tbh. In queue since November 30th. 3.85 cGPA 157 LSAT worked 3 part time jobs during undergrad, varied EC's & volunteering, several scholarships & awards, published, really good LORs
  11. If you don't mind me asking, at what point in the cycle were you accepted ?
  12. Unsure if this question has appeared elsewhere... But are there any opportunities for 1L regarding clinics? If so, when do you apply/how do you apply for these?
  13. Queue Nov 30 cGPA 3.85 L2 3.9 LSAT 151, 157 :'(
  14. November 30th.. crying 3.85 CGPA 157 LSAT
  15. Did it have anything written beside it? or just a date entry? Mine hasn't been updated since I was placed in queue Nov 30 :'(
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