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  1. Be careful with scheduling for in-firms. You can cram in more interviews in this new virtual format but you still need to give yourself some breathing room. I second the pen and paper tip. You'll often want to write something down instead of typing. Do not rely on notes during an interview. Record yourself beforehand to see how you sound and look.
  2. I would recommend focusing on your grades first! Grades are really important for the recruit (depending on where you're applying and your experience). If you have some time, you can look into the different places that are hiring and try to think of a good way to convey why you would want to work there in your cover letter. The time you need to spend will depend on if you already have a good resume or cover letter from the past, how many places you're applying (and how different they are from each other), and if you're going to tailor the cover letters. You can find some tips & samples at the bottom of this page: https://www.fasken.com/en/careers/lawstudents/toronto/ and here: https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/sites/commonlaw.uottawa.ca/files/naked_resumes_and_cover_letters_2015.pdf Your CDO should have some examples as well.
  3. Yes, that's the problem. You can just wait until you hear back from your first choice and find out if that the other student accepted or if they are now making you an offer because they've rejected. An hour is fine. I think a bigger problem is if the other student takes much longer. I'm not sure how to word this to the callers though. And I'm not sure how forthcoming firms will be- will they tell you how high up on the 'wait list' you are?
  4. I'm not too sure about the exact time we should take to make a decision. People recommend thinking about it and ranking firms before 5 so we can make a decision quickly. But don't rush if you are unsure. I think the main problem is if we have an offer but are waiting on a firm that is also waiting on a student to make a decision. That could make it confusing and take a bit longer to sort out. Of course, we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow but having more than 1 offer would be amazing.
  5. https://lso.ca/Becoming-Licensed/Lawyer-Licensing-Process/Articling-Candidates/Finding-a-Placement/2021-22-Articling-Recruitment-Procedures#c-recruitment-by-firms-located-in-toronto-7 "All offers made at or after 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, shall be allowed to remain open until at least 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 5, 2020. Any offers made at or after 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 5, 2020, shall be allowed to remain open for a reasonable period of time." I guess students technically have 24 hours but looking at other threads it's expected that you make the decision as soon as possible. You can tell the place that gave you an offer that you need to take a few minutes to think about it and then call or email your top choice(s) and see if they have already made their offers.
  6. How common are single interviews? What about places that said they are not sure about whether they will have second interviews? Hard to believe that one partner can make that decision in a mid-size firm.
  7. Yes. Wed at 5 pm. https://lso.ca/Becoming-Licensed/Lawyer-Licensing-Process/Articling-Candidates/Finding-a-Placement/2021-22-Articling-Recruitment-Procedures#c-recruitment-by-firms-located-in-toronto-7
  8. If anyone cares or is reading this in the future, I was able to call back and rescehulede with the other firm. Really simple.
  9. I think I read in previous threads that you may have to cancel a first interview on Tuesday afternoon (if you're excited about a Monday or Tuesday firm that wants to do a second interview).
  10. Does anyone else have any virtual interviews around 1 hour apart? I was told the interview would take around 45 min so I booked it at the only time they had available but unfortunately it is immediately before another interview I have (1 hour later). I'm worried about ruining my chances at both if the interview takes too long. These are my two favourite places. I don't think I can reschedule at this point since they aren't large firms.
  11. Have you talked to your law school's career office? I think you can add an addendum to your transcript explaining the circumstances. Your school might be able to provide it. That way you won't need to discuss it in your cover letter and hopefully nobody will ask you about it in an interview (since it's a sensitive topic). You should definitely apply for all the jobs that you're interested in. Your grades in 2L show significant improvement. Students apply for jobs with worse grades all the time.
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