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  1. Have all the OSC interviews gone out?
  2. Asking for closure - has anyone heard from Goldblatt or know someone that did?
  3. Thank you. Good points. I haven't sent an email today but I'm worried I'll have grammatical errors or something.
  4. Still confused about thank you emails. How bad is it to not send them? I am worried that a short email (that might have an error!) is worse than not sending anything at all. Also- is it wrong to re-address a question I answered terribly during the interview?
  5. Any advice for someone that has very few interviews? Should I approach my interviews differently than someone that has a full slate? I'm assuming I'm at a disadvantage because of my grades and need to make a great impression to get an invite for in-firms. I'm not sure how I can stand out in a good way.
  6. I did something similar with my applications because I completed a MSc and have some clinical research experience. I tried to use that to explain my interest but I have not had much success so far.
  7. Are they finished with sending out the OCI invites?
  8. Not sure if this relevant but I submitted my applications on the last day and noticed that about half of my applications which were not reviewed automatically switched to reviewed at 5 PM. Maybe it's automatic and not related to our application status?
  9. Where can I find a complete list of firms accepting 2L summer applications until August 19? My law school's career website & videsktop don't list everything. Do I have to find these firms on my own?
  10. Are all upper-year courses recorded?
  11. I'm doing Parkdale in the winter semester next year. Anyone know if it will still exist?
  12. Thank you! I'll keep this in mind and work hard on my application materials.
  13. I also have a similar question. Sorry for interrupting. I also got a C+ (torts) & C (ELGC). My other courses were evenly split between As & Bs. Do I have no chance at 'Bay Street' firms during the OCI process? Sorry for being annoying asking on here but I'm not sure who I can ask in person.
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