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  1. If anyone cares or is reading this in the future, I was able to call back and rescehulede with the other firm. Really simple.
  2. I think I read in previous threads that you may have to cancel a first interview on Tuesday afternoon (if you're excited about a Monday or Tuesday firm that wants to do a second interview).
  3. Does anyone else have any virtual interviews around 1 hour apart? I was told the interview would take around 45 min so I booked it at the only time they had available but unfortunately it is immediately before another interview I have (1 hour later). I'm worried about ruining my chances at both if the interview takes too long. These are my two favourite places. I don't think I can reschedule at this point since they aren't large firms.
  4. Have you talked to your law school's career office? I think you can add an addendum to your transcript explaining the circumstances. Your school might be able to provide it. That way you won't need to discuss it in your cover letter and hopefully nobody will ask you about it in an interview (since it's a sensitive topic). You should definitely apply for all the jobs that you're interested in. Your grades in 2L show significant improvement. Students apply for jobs with worse grades all the time.
  5. There are a few places that participate in the Toronto articling recruit that I would love to work for. I've applied to some non-Toronto positions in the earlier recruit and have had no success so far. I thought I had the right experience for some of the positions but I guess the recruit is more competitive than I anticipated. I also have some bad law school grades and I think that may be the primary reason for my lack of success. I'm hoping to take a different approach for the Toronto recruit. I want to network with a few people that work at the places I'm interested in but I'm not sure about the process. I'm also worried that my grades make me unemployable. What is the best way to approach a firm/organization that participates in the articling recruit? For example, one of the places is quite small and does not hire back students. Can I just reach out to former articling students to ask about their experience and then mention them in my cover letter (if they're okay with that)? Or is that not effective? Should I reach out to the articling principal (if the cover letter is addressed to them) or should I reach out to other lawyers in the firm to talk about the firm and the position?
  6. Have all the OSC interviews gone out?
  7. Asking for closure - has anyone heard from Goldblatt or know someone that did?
  8. Thank you. Good points. I haven't sent an email today but I'm worried I'll have grammatical errors or something.
  9. Still confused about thank you emails. How bad is it to not send them? I am worried that a short email (that might have an error!) is worse than not sending anything at all. Also- is it wrong to re-address a question I answered terribly during the interview?
  10. Any advice for someone that has very few interviews? Should I approach my interviews differently than someone that has a full slate? I'm assuming I'm at a disadvantage because of my grades and need to make a great impression to get an invite for in-firms. I'm not sure how I can stand out in a good way.
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