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  1. If it helps, i got in with very similar stats. My B2 was a 3.85 though. Try to improve your LSAT. Good luck!
  2. For Ontario Schools at least, on OLSAS you will have to input your LSAC account number which will send your score to OLSAS who will then proceed to forward the scores to the Ontario School(s) of your choosing. You also have to indicate on OLSAS any future LSAT test dates.
  3. Is suit and tie the dress code for the end of orientation gala?
  4. Hey all, Does anyone know when we 1L's starting in September expect to receive our class scheduale and small section? Thanks !
  5. Just declined my offer in favour of Queen's. Hope this frees up a spot for a well deserving applicant. Good luck to all.
  6. Yes, they e-mailed me this afternoon!
  7. Accepted today! 3.85 B2 158 LSAT 3.78 CGPA decent ec's will be accepting. Good luck to all
  8. Hello all, I paid the $500 deposit to Uottawa as of last week. However, I am still waiting for a response to queens university and will most likely go there should I get accepted. my question is does paying the deposit for Ottawa automatically constitute a firm acceptance and by extension, prevent me from gaining an acceptance to queens? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Pending as well. The wait is ridiculous and simply hurts the students who need to find accommodations and what not.
  10. Yes, I provisionally accepted before April 1st and mine still says the expiry date as well. You are fine hope this helps
  11. Rejected on Friday as well 3.78 CGPA LSAT 158 in at Ottawa and waiting on queens. Best of luck to everyone else
  12. Love the optimism. The wait has been brutal. I'm in at Uottawa but osgoode is my top choice without a doubt.
  13. Been in queue since Nov-28-17. LSAT 158 CGPA: 3.78 hoping to hear back soon. If it's any comfort you are not alone!
  14. In queue as of Nov 28th LSAT: 158 CGPA: 3.78
  15. In the same boat as you guys, 3.78 CGPA B2/L2: 3.85, LSAT 158. Hopefully we hear soon.
  16. You are not alone. Mine has been like that since November 28th. Process should hopefully be moving along soon. Hope this Helps!
  17. Does anybody have any idea when the next batch of admissions will commence?
  18. Wrote the December 2017, I have a feeling that's probbaly it... I think my PS is decent given the fact that Queens's lets you elaborate much more than Osgoode. The aniexty is killing me.. LOL
  19. Hey guys, I've been accepted at Uottawa already just wondering my chances at both queens and osgoode would be ? thanks!
  20. I Was accepted in February with the exact same CGPA and a 158 LSAT. I would say you have a good shot forsure!
  21. Also feel you both been in queue since November 28th LSAT: 158 CGPA: 3.78 B2/L2: 3.85
  22. In today! Via Uozone LSAT 158 CGPA 3.78 Decent EC's I guess.. anyways way too happy!
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