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  1. Yes, course selection has begun. I'm assuming you're either entering 2L or 3L right? If you're entering 1L, law select isn't available for you. I was able to enter into law select yesterday and pick my courses. If you're having trouble accessing it, definitely reach out to Mya Ramon!
  2. I'm not entirely sure either, but the sense that I get is a "small group" is basically a tutorial, whereas the state and citizen time slots on Monday and Thursday are lectures. Again, I'm not entirely sure but from some research I've done, I think that is the case! Someone correct me if I'm totally off here! Also, I'm in section B too!
  3. Just an update- I e-mailed Osgoode's IT and they fixed it for me! If you're still having issues with it, e-mail them
  4. I'm having the same problem. If I'm logged into my account, all I see is upper year/first year. If I sign out, I'm able to see all the upper year/first year schedules. It's really strange!
  5. I'm in a similar situation. I mailed my deposit last week and OASIS hasn't updated yet.
  6. Accepted this morning!!!!!!!!! So shocked and happy!! cGPA 3.9 LSAT 153 MA degree I want to accept the offer on OLSAS, but my OLSAS hasn't updated to reflect the Osgoode offer. Is that normal?
  7. Having done an MA before applying to law school, I completely understand your issue with time. I did an MA straight after undegrad, and at the time I was certain I'd go on to do a PhD. About two months into the program, disillusion set in and I quickly realized I couldn't possibly dedicate another 4-5 years of my life to academia. Looking back, I sometimes regret the money and time I spent on an MA. However, my experience may differ from others considering that I really disliked the program/school I was in. I'm not a law student just yet. Like you, I applied to law school for this cycle. I often get very anxious thinking that if I do get in, I'll be close to 30 by the time I'm done school. However, as other posters have pointed out, this isn't old at all. Also, if you really want a career in law, you should go for it regardless of your age. As for your decision about pursuing an MA or law school, look at the pros and cons of both. Where do you see yourself in the future? Which field will make you happier? Since you're doing a master's in business, you will probably have a lot more job opportunities than I did after my master's degree in history. If you're worried about finances, I would caution against doing both a master's degree and law school. Considering your master's program and law school are both quite expensive, it might be better to choose one path- either a master's or law school. Good luck with everything!
  8. Congratulations!! I'm just curious, did you write the LSAT this December? Or was your score from September/June?
  9. No problem! Well, I remember a few years back when I was in undergrad, I had a classmate in one of my classes who was a crim major. She would complain about the program all the time and that year, her whole tutorial group showed up to the professor's office to complain about the TA. (The TA didn't believe in giving As, made it impossible to receive anything above a B, etc). If I were you, I'd go on the facebook group for buying/selling textbooks for York students, and message a few people who are selling crim textbooks. Ask them about their experience in the program/taking crim courses. I've done this a few times with students who were selling textbooks for courses I was thinking about taking and it's always helpful. Good luck!
  10. Hi there, I've lurked this forum for a while too, but haven't posted until now. As a former York student, I can say I loved every minute of it. I found the majority of my courses to be extremely interesting, and as long as you do the readings and follow assignment instructions, you'll do well. I found everyone to be kind and helpful, plus there's a real sense of community on campus unlike, say, UofT. I attended UofT for a Master's program, and I really did not enjoy the atmosphere on campus. I can't speak on Ryerson from personal experience but I do have a few friends who went there and liked it. I agree with the above poster, no school will give you an edge but be cautious of the GPA conversion on OLSAS. My best advice: regardless of where you go, try your very best and walk away with an A average (making your chances of law school much better). I didn't major in criminology at York, but I have heard some horror stories from crim students. Horrible profs/TAs, tough to get As etc. Not sure how accurate these stories are, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
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