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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the info. The CSO at Allard didn't have the updated numbers so I really appreciate it. That already looks infinitely better than Vancouver, less than 10 confirmed jobs though many firms have yet to respond, with nothing in corporate law so far (though a couple tax shops are hiring).
  2. Look into teaching English abroad! I'd really recommend it. Basically a paid vacation in many places.
  3. Anyone have an idea of what the recruitment market might look like for 2021/2022? Responses to the Vancouver Bar Associations survey make the job market look pretty hopeless, with firms that usually hired multiple articling students hiring none. Is this the same case in Toronto?
  4. Yea, fair enough. At the time it was still pretty fresh, so I didn't really word that correctly. I recognize they're average grades, so I suppose I didn't really biff finals. On the other hand, they're not very competitive for the Toronto recruit. Well, before I got my grades back I was planning on only applying to the Toronto market. Most recruiters and associates I've spoken to in Toronto say it doesn't matter if you apply to multiple markets, but some said it might negatively impact my application. I was just trying to get an idea of whether or not I should double down on Toronto or hedge my bets. But, after talking to some people who applied successfully from UBC to Toronto Biglaw, I'm feeling a lot better now.
  5. My undergrad is in Econ. I'm not sure what qualifies as unique? I worked throughout my degree, ran my own business during that time, and I worked overseas for a year. I'm also at a law-related job for the Summer. Less than 5. Yikes. Do you think I should apply to more than one market then?
  6. Hello friends. I'm pretty well aware that the grades feedback thread is universally hated on this forum but I couldn't find a thread with similar grades from out of province on the forum so I thought I'd ask. I'm at UBC and i biffed finals. I'm wondering how my OCI prospects look for Toronto, or if I should consider applying to more than one market at this point. I'm looking for work in Biglaw. Anyways: Contracts: B+ Crim: B+ Torts: B Property: B Constitutional: B- Legal Research and Writing: B Transnational Law: B Public Law: B+ GPA is 74.3 Average between contracts, crim, torts and property is 75.3.
  7. Yes, offers went out a week or two ago.
  8. I'd also suggest living off campus. Rents probably going to be a bit cheaper (depends on what you want) and you don't have to live somewhere on the 99 route. Personally, I'm really glad to be able to leave campus after classes. Also improves the food/groceries/lifestyle aspects. Fwiw I pay 1475/month for a one bedroom apartment in kits, but it's a pretty old building. Takes 15 minutes on the 84 or 44 to get to campus. By comparison, a friend pays 1700 for a 1 bedroom roughly 2/3 the size, but is much newer. He lives in a building right beside the law school that's not managed by UBC.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback @TdK and @FineCanadianFXs! Lucked out at the bay, found two tiger of Sweden suits (dark grey and navy) on sale for 250 each, and damn they actually fit well OTR. Decided not to go with Brooks mtm in the end. That price really is a little unjustifiable for me, but fwiw it was 800 with tailoring, but before tax
  10. Small update, went into Brooks Brothers today in Vancouver and one of the sales associates pitched me an mtm for 800. Apparently my shoulder and waist measurements mean that none of their suits will fit off the rack? I have hesitations. First, I probably messed up by telling him my actual budget of 800. Second, while the fabric is milled in the states, the factory is in Thailand. I'm just concerned the quality may be similar to an indochino/suit supply product (although he did mention it would be half canvas and not fused). And, of course, man that's my whole budget. Has anyone gone this way with Brooks Brothers? And does this sound like a good deal?
  11. Hey. For what it's worth my GPA before drops was 78. Depending on how they calculated drops (my lowest mark was a 4 credit course) my after drop was 79-80. LSAT 169. Was accepted off waitlist in July.
  12. I don't think even with that budget a made to measure suit is in my price range (I'm in Vancouver), and again I'd like to come out under the budget so I don't cry for three days about my debt. I'm aware of Indochino and Suitsupply (and thick as thieves). Of the three i think Thick as Thieves has the best reviews, but for my first (non-black) suit I'd really like to know its going to fit before I pay for it. Honestly, I'd go cheaper if I could. My understanding is suit tailoring can be anywhere from $100-200 (Though I suspect i'd be on the lower end), and for my body shape a lot of the cheaper suits don't work for me (also I hate moores). If you have a suggestion for the $400 price range as far as stores or brands go I'd be delighted, with the caveat that I've already looked through The Bay and Nordstrom (though I guess I can go hunting again). I do like Tiger of Sweden! The higher arms make all the difference. But my wallet disagrees. We've been having some intense disputes. My concern is mainly the fit. All first suits are supposed to be pretty conservative as I understand it. Suggestions would be welcome! From the hours I put in yesterday trolling about department stores Ted Baker is the only brand commonly carried with a fit I like that I can afford. So awkward when you put on a suit that actually fits well then look at the $2500 price tag.
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