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  1. Phokis

    Suits For Men

    Thanks for all the feedback @TdK and @FineCanadianFXs! Lucked out at the bay, found two tiger of Sweden suits (dark grey and navy) on sale for 250 each, and damn they actually fit well OTR. Decided not to go with Brooks mtm in the end. That price really is a little unjustifiable for me, but fwiw it was 800 with tailoring, but before tax
  2. Phokis

    Suits For Men

    Small update, went into Brooks Brothers today in Vancouver and one of the sales associates pitched me an mtm for 800. Apparently my shoulder and waist measurements mean that none of their suits will fit off the rack? I have hesitations. First, I probably messed up by telling him my actual budget of 800. Second, while the fabric is milled in the states, the factory is in Thailand. I'm just concerned the quality may be similar to an indochino/suit supply product (although he did mention it would be half canvas and not fused). And, of course, man that's my whole budget. Has anyone gone this way with Brooks Brothers? And does this sound like a good deal?
  3. Hey. For what it's worth my GPA before drops was 78. Depending on how they calculated drops (my lowest mark was a 4 credit course) my after drop was 79-80. LSAT 169. Was accepted off waitlist in July.
  4. Phokis

    Suits For Men

    I don't think even with that budget a made to measure suit is in my price range (I'm in Vancouver), and again I'd like to come out under the budget so I don't cry for three days about my debt. I'm aware of Indochino and Suitsupply (and thick as thieves). Of the three i think Thick as Thieves has the best reviews, but for my first (non-black) suit I'd really like to know its going to fit before I pay for it. Honestly, I'd go cheaper if I could. My understanding is suit tailoring can be anywhere from $100-200 (Though I suspect i'd be on the lower end), and for my body shape a lot of the cheaper suits don't work for me (also I hate moores). If you have a suggestion for the $400 price range as far as stores or brands go I'd be delighted, with the caveat that I've already looked through The Bay and Nordstrom (though I guess I can go hunting again). I do like Tiger of Sweden! The higher arms make all the difference. But my wallet disagrees. We've been having some intense disputes. My concern is mainly the fit. All first suits are supposed to be pretty conservative as I understand it. Suggestions would be welcome! From the hours I put in yesterday trolling about department stores Ted Baker is the only brand commonly carried with a fit I like that I can afford. So awkward when you put on a suit that actually fits well then look at the $2500 price tag.
  5. Phokis

    Suits For Men

    Hey guys, Looking to pick up a new suit for law school. I'm 6"2 and 165 pounds, so I'm pretty lanky. I've read through more of this thread than I care to admit and unfortunately I'm not sure where most of the relevant info is anymore. To my knowledge I should look for a dark grey/charcoal or navy, without a super high thread count (is 100 the magic number?). I know Brooks Brothers has the sale on right now, and I'll definitely be checking them out, any other suggestions? I've trolled through the bay and Nordstrom and neither have anything that really interests me. Suggestions would be most welcome. My budget is 800 for the suit and tailoring, but I'd be a lot happier being below that.
  6. Phokis

    Waistlist - 2018

  7. Phokis

    Waistlist - 2018

    Just turned down my offer. Hope one of you gets it!
  8. Phokis

    Ubc vs u of a

    Hi again Goldman! Hope everything's going well in Toronto. Do you have a sguestimate as to how many from UBC applied? Part of my problem was that in the last two years of my undergrad I just felt "trapped" by Vancouver, and that I was really very disconnected from the school community in general. I guess that might not be as big an issue in law school. I don't like the idea of out competing so many of my peers in UBC and UVic, ending up with a covetted biglaw job along with its hardships, but then not being able to afford a comfortable life/house for the foreseeable short term between work/loan repayment/cost of living. If I come out with 150k in debt I don't know when I'd be able to own a home in this city. The 20-30k salary difference would at least cover rent comparatively, so I could save/pay off my debts faster. I grew up in Regina. Even now when I visit it isn't abnormal to walk by a stranger in a park, say hi and have a nice chat. People are also much more open in say a cafe or bar. That said, I too have many lifelong friends in Vancouver, but they are extensions of social circles and work. For example, I only really made 3 or 4 friends I'm still in touch with from UBC, but that's my personal experience. In Regina I still keep in touch with random people I met when I visited. Anyways. All this input has been extremely helpful, and thanks for the responses. At this point I'm leaning towards UBC. Hopefully I can find a decent place to live.
  9. Phokis

    Apartment hunting

    Thanks for the input! I'd be looking up places and setting up appointments before arriving, if that makes a difference. I was planning to move at the end of August regardless, but would coming at the end of July generally be a better idea to look at places then?
  10. Phokis

    Ubc vs u of a

    Thanks for the info! Would you say the population as a whole is friendlier in Edmonton? And during winter, does the city just turn into a deadzone as everyone hibernates?
  11. No, I didnt bother emailing them. The original email said I was high on the waitlist though.
  12. Phokis

    Ubc vs u of a

    Hi everyone. Just got my acceptance to UBC and now I'm kind of torn. Initially I'd thought that I'd choose u of a regardless but now I'm not so sure. I've read the reasons to go to schools and what not but here's some background info: - ideally I want to work in Toronto, Calgary is a second choice. I'm not so interested in working in Vancouver due to the market and cost of living. - nyc is a pipedream, but I haven't heard of anyone from U of A working in new york - I'm honestly kind of sick of Vancouver, but I've never lived in Edmonton and moving to a new place may be nice - cost wise, I could pay the same for rent and live on my own in Edmonton, whereas I'd definitely have to live with at least one roommate in a probably smaller place in Vancouver. Anyways, I guess to sum it up my primary concern is my employment outcome. Do I have a better chance of working in Toronto if I go to UBC? My next big concern I guess is quality of life during school. In Edmonton I'd be living around city center, and people seem to say positive things about the lifestyle there, minus the winter. I went to UBC for undergrad and I honestly found myself bored most of the time, but Vancouver has a much better music and food scene. Advice would be awesome.
  13. Accepted today, 91.38-45 depending on how they calculated my drops.
  14. Accepted off waitlist today. Index is 91.38-91.45, depending on how they calculated my drops