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  1. Are you seriously saying that most people in Canada work 70 hours a week for 40k? Where are you located? Somalia?
  2. So, what is your job? To provide propaganda? To call a person who express his/her point of view an idiot? Based on his/her experience that is the "truth".
  3. If we examine Bay street hiring clearly certain schools have a definite advantage.
  4. What is ridiculous to you might not be to someone else. So trying to silence people because they express views contrary to yours is not promoting freedom of speech.
  5. I believe we should encourage people to express their point of view instead of ridicule them, even if we are 20 years into practice.
  6. What does it means "get good jobs that pay well"? Is working 70 hours a week a good job for you? Is earning 40k or 50k a good income for you?
  7. If I may ask, which university are you attending?
  8. I was wondering, what are the employment opportunities for a Canadian trained lawyer (BA, MA, JD) with corporate/M&A background, in India? And I am asking this given that some 30% of new calls in Ontario are foreign trained lawyers.
  9. 1. What are your reasons for wanting to abolish the LPP? (I have no knowledge with respect to the benefits of the training process). 2. Subsidizing smaller firm is just going to be a source of revenue for these firms and probably not much in terms of training will take place (and this is not part of the options considered). 3. Perhaps, given that there is no articling in the US, a Canadian lawyer will be better trained initially. But, the difference here is should a student be trained or a lawyer should be trained?
  10. Telling people with a 2 GPA and from York U, that they have a chance to get into law school is highly irresponsible. And even, if we assume, they do go to Cooley or Bond or some degree mill law schooll, what are their prospects after law school?
  11. As you may already know, the Law Society of Ontario is reviewing its lawyer licensing process. In May, it released a report outlining four possible options for a long-term appropriate and sustainable licensing system. In short, the four options are: 1: Current Model - Under this option, the current two transitional training pathways — the articling program and the Law Practice Program (LPP) - would be retained (taking into account that the current model is continuously adjusted to accommodate new developments). 2: Current Model with Enhancements - This option retains the current two transitional training pathways, but with enhancements, including a requirement that candidates be paid minimum wage, and greater oversight of articling and work placements. Random audits of placements would be conducted. Candidates would be required to pass the Barrister and Solicitor Licensing Examinations as a prerequisite to transitional training, and then pass a new Skills Examination to become licensed. The new Skills Examination could consist of written tasks, such as writing an opinion letter or memorandum, drafting an affidavit or short pleading, providing an analysis of the application of the Rules of Professional Conduct to a particular situation, or identifying proposed solutions to an urgent issue or question. 3: Examination-Based Licensing - Under this option, the transitional training requirement would be eliminated. Candidates would be licensed after they successfully complete the Barrister and Solicitor Licensing Examinations and the new Skills Examination. Licensees practising as sole practitioners or in a firm with fewer than six lawyers would also be required to complete a new Practice Essentials Course and would be subject to audit within their first few years of practice. 4: LPP for all Candidates - This option would ensure a single pathway to licensing. All licensing candidates would be required to complete the 17 week training course component of the LPP, without the work placement. Candidates would also be required to successfully complete the Barrister and Solicitor examinations and the new Skills Examination. Comments?
  12. WOW, no one owns a private jet yet?
  13. Unless you have very high income, you should not be receiving only 1k from OSAP. You should visit the Financial Aid Office of York U ( not Osgoode) to see what the problem is.
  14. I am wondering why would you abandon a career you been working for seven years and start a totally new career in another country? Do you understand the prospects of being a lawyer in Canada especially for someone from another country?
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