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  1. lioness

    Associate Positions

    That is true. 2 years' legal experience is still very junior. A 2-year call with strong academics will be looked at as having potential but certainly not as senior counsel, no matter how smart they are.
  2. lioness

    Associate Positions

    8th in the class at a Canadian school is objectively impressive. What was her class rank after transferring, out of curiosity?
  3. lioness

    How much do 3L grades matter

    LOL, are there any "hard" courses by 3L? I think it's better to take courses relevant to your eventual area of practice than to take stuff you're not interested in just to try to game the system.
  4. lioness

    How much do 3L grades matter

    I was asked for my grades several times when applying for jobs after articling, and I see grades requested on job postings. Plus people, especially in the bigger and more prestigious firms, have their grades, academic awards and so on listed on their firm bios, websites, LinkedIn pages etc. for years after school.
  5. lioness

    LLM Criminal Law

    I badly want one for other reasons, but I agree it won't help get a job in either of those offices, which are going to value practical experience far more. Being from the US and a field outside crim, however, you should learn the basics of Canadian criminal law just as a starting point, and that may be one way to do it.
  6. Mr or Madam Member, usually. Member last name if you know it (they sometimes have name plates.) I have also heard people say Sir or Ma'am, but I don't care for that.
  7. lioness

    What courses are good to take before the bar?

    Don't pick courses based on the bar. Take what interests you.
  8. I was able to buy one without family money. I am not in the crazy expensive markets though. I am in a pretty large city. We bought in a modest area and did some work on it ourselves (well, my husband and father-in-law did.) My mortgage was actually cheaper than my rent, but of course there are other expenses involved with home ownership.
  9. lioness

    Careers in Criminal Law

    No. I am not saying it is ho hum. I am saying it is no guarantee of competence or skill.
  10. lioness

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Being grateful for whatever you have is actually very healthy. Looking at how much more you have than you had before, or than so many others have, helps you to stay grounded. Being envious and resentful of others is unhealthy and is likely to put you in an early grave. I actually do see a steady path to income growth and advancement by doing my job well. It just doesn't look like it does in other areas of law. I don't get a raise just for being a certain year of call. It may not be a linear or definable progression. But there are definitely milestones that I have hit and more to come, and there are ways to gauge what your reputation is, and so on. You have to be much more of a self-starter and free spirit in private practice in criminal law than you do in other areas such as corporate law, and you have to be able to tolerate more risk and uncertainty. The highs are high and the lows are low. If this does not suit your personality (general you - I don't know you) and you are more comfortable with steady certainty, then you may not be happy in this area of practice and it could be like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. It's not really a money issue as much as it is an issue of fit.
  11. lioness

    Careers in Criminal Law

    It's not that impressive in the US, unfortunately, where there is an over-supply of lawyers and many inferior law schools. There have been cases of extremely incompetent lawyers taking on capital murder trials right after law school and completely screwing them up. Any lawyer can take on any kind of case, but how they perform is much more relevant than the type of charge the client faced.
  12. lioness

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    I can't really answer that question without getting into the issues you didn't want to touch of work-life balance, personal choices etc. I am happy with it considering I know what I chose, or what found me, and knowing it is not the most lucrative area of law, but it's one I believe in, and knowing I choose not to put 1000% of my personal time into it - I work hard, but I carve out, and jealously guard, personal time too. Knowing what I know of my area of practice and what is realistic, I am very happy. If I start looking at my peers in biglaw, or friends in medicine, for too long, sometimes I may have the odd pang of resentment or jealousy. Of course in an ideal world, I'd like to make more money, but I have more than enough for the things I need and many of the things I want, so if I have those feelings, I remind myself to count my blessings.
  13. lioness

    Careers in Criminal Law

    I don't think any of that is particularly helpful to you. It's a given that we've all studied that. The question is what value do you add to a criminal practice, and how will you attract clients? (Also a pertinent question if you intend to be a sole practitioner.) These are the questions you need to answer. In criminal law, you generally "eat what you kill" - at least a percentage, and maybe all, of your income is based on the clients you find.
  14. Yeah, I knew that, but it doesn't seem very useful to have 16 months spread between birth and age 8. That isn't going to be very meaningful if not taken in a chunk after birth. We in Canada can usually get time off if we need it later for a child's health or other needs.
  15. lioness

    LSAT 177, really bad gpa

    If you were suspended, I think you have to clear that academic suspension before registering at any other university, and law schools will ask about that and you should not lie to them. I would therefore speak to the university from which you were suspended and go through the process to get reinstated, then take some courses, which will restore your status and hopefully raise your GPA a bit. If you do well, this will show law schools you can now handle academic work. I don't think you can apply "as is" with a suspension and a 1.0 GPA, even with an excellent LSAT score, but I think that there is hope for you if you fix the suspension first, so don't be in a rush. I had an LSAT score similar to yours and very inconsistent and mediocre grades, and I was accepted to law school, so it certainly can be done. I would also disagree that low grades are necessarily due to a "learning disability." Immaturity and lack of focus are also very possible. Good luck!