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  1. Hey! I was wondering if anyone has looked into U of T's deal with both Scotiabank and TD for a student line of credit for law school? I have my appointment with TD tomorrow and have leaned towards going with them since I'm already with TD, but does anyone know what U of T's deal with Scotia is like? Or can offer a comparison to which may have a better deal? Thanks
  2. Is anyone else having issues with logging into their email account? I put the username and password given to me on OASIS, and every time I try to log in, it gives me an error message saying "please sign in with a name that has sufficient access rights" ?
  3. In as well, cGPA 3.76 LSAT 163, will be declining for u of t
  4. Really surprised, but accepted! olsas gpa: 3.76 lsat: 163
  5. accepted! OLSAS GPA: 3.76 LSAT: 163 (Dec 2017)
  6. Accepted today! OLSAS GPA: 3.76 LSAT: 163 (December 2017)
  7. Sorry to be a little off topic, but where did you get this info from? And do you know when OLSAS will send the dec score to schools?
  8. I'm wondering about this too. So our updated scores will automatically be sent to the schools? There is no need to contact the individual schools to inquire if they received my new score or not?
  9. Mine is up too. I read somewhere they come in batches, and OLSAS wrote to wait till Wednesday for all of them to come out
  10. My application on uOttawa's portal hasn't updated to reflect that my Dec lsat score has been received yet :/
  11. thank you guys! yeah i knew my stats were so borderline I didn't think the chances were great either
  12. OLSAS cGPA: 3.76 B3: 3.79 L2: 3.75 LSAT: 163 Also applied to Osgoode, Western, Queens, and uOttawa
  13. went from 145 to 158 to 163! does anyone know when OLSAS will update? And your new score automatically gets sent to the schools you applied to right? Nothing to do on our end but wait?
  14. Thank you so much for the detailed response! I just received my Dec LSAT score, and got a 163! So I've decided not to take the Feb lsat and hope for the best
  15. I was hoping someone could help me out in my decision to take the LSAT a fourth time or not. My OLSAS gpa is a 3.76, and the UofT gpa would be a 3.79. I'm not sure what B2/L2 is on the OLSAS scale, but regular scale would be 3.86/3.8. I took my lsat three times already, first got a 145, then 158, and now waiting on the results of the Dec. lsat. I'd like to think I did a little better but its really hard to tell. I was doing well on the PTs scoring in the mid 160s but my anxiety always makes me perform worse on the actual thing. I applied to U of T, Osgoode, Queens, Western and Uottawa. I'm not sure if I should sign up for the Feb. lsat or not so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also any thoughts on what taking the lsat 4 times would even look like haha Thanks!
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