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  1. I'm also still waiting but have pretty much given up hope. Decided I'd wait until Victoria Day and if I didn't hear back I'd make a new plan. Pretty frustrating though that I haven't heard back from any of the schools I've applied to. (Osgoode, Ottawa, Queens & Windsor)
  2. I went into queue on March 20th and today the date changed to May 6th, does this mean a decision is coming?
  3. Did anyone else just receive an email from Osgoode? It was basically the same thing I got months ago saying they've received my application and hoe to set up OASIS.
  4. Ok yeah think I'll call today to be safe. Thanks so much!!
  5. Thanks for the info, I'm in the same boat do you think I should call as well, or do you think its probably the same situation for us all and I should just ride it out?
  6. I have very similar stats, I've been rejected from U of T but otherwise haven't heard from Queens, Ottawa, Osgoode or Windsor yet. Getting super impatient... sigh
  7. I got it too, my status is referred to admissions for two weeks or so.
  8. I was hoping the same, once April 1st rolled around I expected to see several acceptances from all the Ontario schools but it seems pretty quiet so far.
  9. Mine showed up yesterday too but says incomplete.
  10. Darn, thought so but I suddenly got excited. THANKS!
  11. Wait, Is Ottawa an L2 school? Cause if so that gives me hope thought it was more cGPA based?
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